Five Tips To Make Your Morning Routine Faster

I am not a morning person, so whatever I can do to make my mornings less stressful, I am all for it. Now that Caitlin is a teenager, she somehow lost her internal alarm clock and now hits her snooze about 8 times before she gets up. By the time we are heading out the door, we are a big ball of stress and not in the best mood. I decided to look for some ideas that would make things go more smoothly in the mornings and here are some great tips I found:

  1. Nighttime Help: Anything you can do the night before will take that much time off your schedule the following day. Caitlin takes her lunch to school, so when I am cleaning up from dinner, either she or I will pack her lunch. This makes things so much better!
  2. Backpack Duty: Before Caitlin does anything else when she gets home, I get her to take out any forms I need to sign or show me what homework she has to do. No more running around in the morning trying to find all the paperwork we need.
  3. Coffee: I get my coffee pot ready the night before so all I need to do is hit the on button and I am ready to go.
  4. Clothes: Caitlin wears a uniform shirt to school, so luckily we don’t hassel with choosing clothes. What we do though is make sure she has clean jeans, socks, underwear and shoes picked out so she just rolls out of bed and gets dressed.
  5. Breakfast: I am a big proponent of eating a good breakfast, but I hate trying to fit cooking in to my morning routine. I was packing a granola bar for her but she wasn’t getting enough to eat. I was so thankful when I was offered a little gift from Heaven from one of my favorite people I work with at Kalorik. The Rollie is a new small appliance for the kitchen that is going to change your morning routine completely around!

Make Your Morning Routine Faster

Until I received our friend Rollie, I was making Caitlin eggs and bacon the night before and heating it up before we left. The problem with that is when you reheat those two foods, they get really tough and rubbery. What I didn’t know was that Caitlin would take the food with her and throw it away at school because it was “gross” as she put it. With The Rollie Eggmaster you can have hot and fresh eggs in less than 6 minutes without even turning on your stove! By not standing in front of the stove, you can make your morning routine faster and smarter.

All you do is plug in The Rollie, spray a bit of cooking oil, open your eggs and drop them in the opening. In about 5 minutes, you will see your eggs slowly peeking out of the opening telling you its ready!

When Caitlin walked in the kitchen and saw me put the egg on the plate, she said “Cool, egg roll for breakfast”! As you can see from the picture, it does come out in a roll! The egg was cooked perfectly, was delicious and best of all, I was able to get our stuff together and warm up the car while it cooked breakfast. How awesome is that?! I LOVE the Rollie and it has made things so much easier for me and I could not be happier! There are a lot of great recipes for the Rollie and we actually made one of our own. We put two eggs in a bowl and added crushed sea salt crackers, shredded fat free cheese and diced turkey bacon. We mixed it all together and cooked it in the Rollie and it was absolutely yummy! You can purchase The Rollie online for $29.99.

One reader will win The Rollie ($99.00)


  1. i want the rollie!!! i saw this on tv a few weeks back and me and my fiance were like we need this!!! the kids would love it too!!! thanx for a chance to win 🙂

  2. I love the Red Programmable 12 Cup Coffee Maker – it is stylish and the red color will match my kitchen accessories.

  3. I hate to iron, I actually don’t own one–I use a floor model garment steamer. But, there is
    something about the 22″ Steam Press that is calling my name.

  4. I like the 4.75 QT STAINLESS STEEL SLOW COOKER AND 0.75 QT DIPPER. I need a new slow cooker and the small warming unit is perfect. The perfect combination for family get togethers.

  5. I like the old fashion look of the Two Slice Steel Toaster. Toast topped with kippered herring or Vegimite is on top of my breakfast menu.

    Hope to win!

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