Top Accessories For Your iPad

As is the pattern in our household, my kids usually get the latest tech gadgets before I do. As much as I would love to jump on the technology train when a new product comes out, I do not. Typically, we can only afford to purchase one electronic device at a time, so I am OK with waiting. I would much rather the kids get to play their games, keep in contact with their friends and even do their schoolwork. It was a big surprise to my husband and I when we found out our daughter, a freshman in high school, would be getting a tablet. She attends a S.T.E.M. academy and they have gone completely virtual with their textbooks and assignments. The school split the cost of the tablet into 4 annual payments and we were responsible for the accessories. Since this was our first tablet, I had no idea what she needed, so I went on a search for the top accessories for your tablet. Here are the top 5:

5 Most Popular iPad Accessories

5 Most Popular iPad Accessories

  1. Charger And Cord: In order to keep your tablet powered up, you will need a connector cable and the base it fits in. For Caitlin’s tablet, she needs the newer lightning cable and a standard base to plug it into. We also got her a portable power bank so she can charge her talet when she is on the go.
  2. Wireless Keyboard: For Caitlin, she can type faster on a traditional keyboard, so we went ahead and purchased a wireless version for her.
  3. Headphones: Caitlin listens to music when she studies, so headphones are a must. She has a pair of ear buds she can wear at school and a pair of over the head wireless headphones for listening at home.
  4. Stylus Pen: I was pleasantly surprised Caitlin’s art class included a digital media section. With that, she uses her stylus pen a lot for drawing, painting and other features on her tablet. She also uses the stylus pen to take notes while in class on her Notability app. We use the Executive Stylus & Pen Pro from ZooGue which sells for $15.
  5. Case Or Cover: One item we were told Caitlin must purchase for her new tablet was a good case. She was told she needed a case with a cover which closes so the screen was protected. I felt the best case for our needs was the Prodigy case from ZooGue.


When I first saw the cases from ZooGue, I was drawn to the sleek look and unique design. The simple black genuine leather case has a magnetic closure, which Caitlin really loves. The patent pending magnetic kickstand has 6 secure angles, so finding a position most comfortable for you is a no-brainer. It is slim and at only 16 ounces, Caitlin can easily carry it from class to class and it fits nicely in her book bag . When she is in class, she just sits it on her desk and she can adjust the angle so she gets the least amount of glare from those harsh overhead lights. At just $60, I felt it was a superior product at a very affordable price. You can also find the Prodigy for the iPad 2, 3, 4 and mini, as well as for the Samsung Galaxy tablets, and Kindle Fire.

After Caitlin got her tablet, Henry wanted one for home school, so we got him a mini tablet. I thought the ZooGue Genius case with it’s sturdy and innovative Velcro design was perfect for Henry. The case, like Caitlin’s, will stand when you need to prop your tablet and then flips over to cover and protect the case. The Sleep/Wake function ensures if Henry forgets to turn off his tablet, it goes to sleep when he closes the cover. It also has a magnetic cover, so you know it will stay closed and keep your screen safe. It is made with genuine leather and has a micro fiber interior. Henry is a bit clumsy like his mommy, so the added edge protection gives me peace of mind. It has a tough guy look Henry appreciates but it is also stylish and chic and sells for just $40. You can also find cases for your Samsung Galaxy, Xoom and Kindle Fire, screen protectors and lots more. Currently ZooGue has an online special which saves you $10 on purchases of $29 or more by using the coupon code “10FREE” at checkout. One USA reader will win a leather Prodigy or Genius case for their tablet ARV $55.

What is your must have accessory for your iPad?


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