When I learned how to sew, the kids were 3 and 5. We had been given a white wool sofa from Pottery Barn when my older sister moved away. Apparently she forgot what it was like to have young kids in the house! Well, within about 6 months, that white sofa was gray and it was embarrassing to have anyone over. So, I started making my own slipcovers for the living room sofa and chairs. Well, since practice makes perfect, I was making a lot of slipcovers for that sofa and chair! We had a fabric outlet not far from our apartment and I was able to practice ALOT! Well, I have gotten that out of my system, so I have moved on to other decorating avenues. The kids bedrooms and the family room are always prime targets for me to tweak! If you were looking for a few ways to add pizzazz to a room in your home, here are five great affordable ideas:How To Add Pizzazz To A Room

  • Paint: Painting is always an easy way to update a room and you can usually do it for well under $100. If you have a tighter budget or you do not want to spend all weekend painting, consider just painting one accent wall. You can do that for about $30.
  • Flooring: With so many flooring warehouses and outlets, you can change the flooring in a room for next to nothing. If you want to make a statement and you do not want to break the bank, tackle the bathroom. Replace that tired old tile with some cool stone flooring!
  • Pillows: You can have a lot of fun with pillows and you can add several for under $100. The fun thing about pillows is that you can do it in any room, choose several different shapes and sizes and colors. I love playing with pillows!
  • Decals: I absolutely love wall decals and stickers! These are so easy to use and they are so affordable. Shoot, with my ever changing tastes, wall decals are about the only thing I should be allowed to put on the walls! They can change the mood of a room in less than 30 minutes and for well under $100.
  • Chandeliers: Changing your lighting to something a little more dramatic always makes a statement. A beautiful chandelier is a great way to add some character and personality to any room. The problem is that a nice chandelier is quite pricey, so how about a cardboard version? With Lot 26, you can find a lot of fun things to dress up a room, including some pretty cool looking chandeliers.

How To Add Pizzazz To A Room

Now that Caitlin is a teenager, she has decided she needed a more grown up room. Well, excuse me if I do a happy dance at the chance to add pizzazz to a room that belongs to a teenage girl. I can live vicariously through my daughter by decorating it the way I would my own room if my husband would let me. When I saw the Parisian Newsprint Paper Chandelier, I knew it would be perfect in Caitlin’s room. She has this love for Paris, as do I, so it fits perfectly into her decor. I love that it slides together in two seconds and you can apply the stick on jewels and hand the pink pendants anyway or anywhere you like. It is just perfect!
Newsprint Chandelier

For the family room, I wanted to get something to cover our front door. We do not use the door and I hate staring at the stark whiteness of it whenever we are in there. When I saw the full size Family Rules canvas wall art, I knew it was perfect for that door. The canvas is 24 x 60 and attaches easily with the sticky strip at the top and the two one each bottom corner. You can move it quickly and easily and it just adds such whimsy to the room. The kids love the “Eat Your Peas” rule because they love peas and I hate them, so they read it to me about 50 hundred times a week. I love the “Clean Your Room” and my husband loves “Word Hard, Play Harder”.

We have really gotten a lot of compliments on this and I must admit, it is one of my favorite pieces in the house. You can purchase the Paper Chandelier online from Lot 26 for $25 and the Family Rules for $40. You can also find things like magnet boards, wall decals. words on a ribbon and mirror mobiles.

One USA winner will win the Family Rules Canvas Wall Art ($40.00)


  1. I love the Vintage Butterfly Decals. The wall canvas art is so cool. I’d like to have this to put on my pantry closet door.Thank you 🙂

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  3. I really like the family rules wall canvas. I’ve always wanted something like this for my walls.

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