If you teach your kids at home, you may have wondered how you can make home school more fun.  In my house, we home school an 11 year old boy with a short attention span and autism.  I can’t teach Henry with traditional teaching tools because he will shut down in a heartbeat.  Therefore, I am always looking for ways I can change things up and make teaching and learning more interesting.  I have found you don’t need to spend a lot of money; you just need to be selective and choose items that you know will help your child connect with the lesson.  Here are some great ideas I found:

Make Home School More Fun

  1.  Surroundings: Don’t make your home look like your kids classroom.  Part of the reason we love to homeschool is the flexibility to learn wherever we are.  I have taught on the floor of the kitchen, on the sofa, on the deck and while lying in bed on a cold day.  It sounds corny, but the world is your classroom!
  2. Involve Your Child: Let your child help you plan their lessons.  Henry and I will sit down and throw ideas at each other about what we can study.  This semester, we have decided to learn about dinosaurs, China, geography, and the solar system.  If Henry gets to choose the subject, he tends to excel in those subjects.
  3. On The Move: Remember you don’t need to stay secluded away when you teach.  There is a big world out there just waiting to be admired and taught.  We do lessons in the car, walking the dog, at the grocery store and all over the place.
  4. Use The Internet:  We have found tons of lessons, games and a treasure trove of worksheets for home schooling.  Henry is big on computers, so the logical source of some of his teaching should be on the computer.  We will sit together on some lessons (like Roman Numerals that were a bit harder to learn they I expected) and I leave him on his own for other lessons or games.  We just love finding new ways to learn.
  5. Subscription Services: One of my favorite home school tools are monthly subscription boxes that come filled with cool stuff!  You can find these boxes for just about every subject including math, language arts, arts and crafts and geography.  I have a new favorite box that is teaching Henry about geography.  Little Passports is a mompreneur based company located in San Francisco that is opening up a whole new world (literally) to children everywhere!

Fun Way To Teach Your Kids About Geography

Fun Way To Teach Your Kids About Geography

Little Passports has developed a fun way to teach your kids about geography and I love it!!  I never excelled in geography myself, so I felt a little under qualified to teach it to Henry.  I was so thankful when I found Little Passports and their unique program.  The World edition, recommended for kids 5-10, follows Sam and Sofia on their adventures around the world and comes with a large map of the world, a letter from Sam, a passport, stickers, activity sheets and online activities.  The US edition, recommended for kids 7-12, comes with a USA field guide, a scratch map, a camera, a map of the USA and online activities.  You can subscribe to a one month plan for $11.95 per month that can be canceled at any time, a 3 month plan ($13.95 per month to be paid in one payment of $41.85), a 6 month plan ($13.95 to be paid in one payment of $83.70) or a 12 month plan ($10.95 per month to be paid in one payment of $131.40).   Our first box was a cute suitcase that come packed full of great treasures for your child.  We received a letter from Sam who tells you about his BFF Sofia who finds a magical scooter in his Aunt Charlie’s garage that takes them wherever they want to go. We also received a huge map, an activity sheet teaching “hello” in different languages, a picture of Sam and Sofia on the scooter in the garage and a passport.  Henry absolutely LOVES his Little Passport kit.  The minute it arrived in the mail, he dove right in and didn’t come up for air for almost an hour!

One reader will win their choice of the USA or World Edition for 3 months ($41.85)


  1. I’m a Little Passports agent, so I love both editions – but the USA is probably my favorite since it’s geared to a little higher reading level.

  2. Since my oldest is 5, I would start with the world, but the USA one would be great for when they are older and we start doing road trips

  3. I think the World edition is my favorite. That’s the one one of my children receives now (We share with the others), but I would love to add the USA edition to their wealth of information. Also to enhance their knowledge.

  4. Both programs appear to be really good. My preference for study would be world study. Our grandson, however, is older and would be ready for the US study version. This would be good since we are taking him traveling this coming summer.

  5. I would pick the US edition of Little Passports for my daughter. She’s 9 and would love the US map and her own camera! How cool! Learning with fun!

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