I love buying personalized and unique gifts for my friends and family and am always looking for new ideas for birthdays and Christmas. I was so happy when I discovered Flatten Me! Flatten Me sent me a beautiful personalized book about my son, Tate, to review. The book is entitled “My Super Tate” and is written by Chara Campanella. The book is all about my son and his wonderful super powers. My favorite part of the book is “My Super Tate’s hugs are the absolute best. They start when I rise and don’t end ’till I rest. They are hugs mixed with giggles and its not over zealous. To say that they’d make a grizzly bear jealous!”. All the pages are filled with clever rhymes that kept me engaged. The artwork in the book is amazing, with lots of bright and colorful pictures. And what I love most is there are pictures of Tate on every page of the book! I can’t wait to surprise him with this book for this fourth birthday. He is going to be so surprised!!

Flatten Me creates award winning personalized hardcover books, cards, journals and wall art for children. They are so easy to create. Just pick out a product, send them a picture of the child and they do the rest. It was that easy! They offer the choice of 8 stories including My Super Someone (that I received), Glittergills, ABC &123, Sillybug, The Day that Came to Play, Tuesday Mushroom King, Here There Be Pirates, Sir Perfect and me and Potty Dance. There are books specifically for girls or boys and for all age groups. The personalized books start at $27.95. They also offer over 29 different personalized card designs including my two personal favorites, All Aboard and Twinkle Toes!! The cards are reasonably priced at $20.95 for a set of 12!

Please remember Flatten Me when shopping for a unique gift for your friends and family!  Visit them on Facebook for product information and photos!

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