I recently started working out again and have been trying to increase my fluid intake, especially the days I’m at the gym!  Water is the best thing for hydration but after the 4th water bottle full, it can get a bit boring and tasteless!  I was excited to try Flavrz All Natural Liquid Drink Mix as well as the All Natural Liquid Soda Mix.  They sent me a variety of flavors of the Liquid Drink Mix to try including Citrus Hibiscus, Lemon Lime, Cherry Berry, Tropical, Superfruit and Fruit Punch.  They were all delicious but I have to say that my favorites were the Citrus Hibiscus and the Fruit Punch.  You can mix with water to either be sweet (12oz water), light (16oz water) or flavored water (20oz water).  I preferred the 160z light mix.  It gave my water some flavor but still wasn’t too overpowering or too sweet.  Having a little bit of flavor in my drink seems to give me a little more energy, especially on the last leg of my run.  They also sent me a bottle of All Natural Liquid Soda Mix – Cola flavor.  This was a big hit with the kids at my daughter’s birthday party, as well as the adults.  The flavor was delicious and was a great alternative to high calorie soda, with just 35 calories a serving!

Flavrz was created by a health conscious mom looking for drink alternatives for her children.  Their drinks are made with a blend of organic botanicals, pure extracts and all natural flavorings.   Flavrz drink mixes are low in calories, low in sugar and BIG on flavor!!  They contain no pesticide residues, no high fructose corn syrup, no genetically modified ingredients and are never made with artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors.  This is a drink that you can feel good about serving to your family.  What I really love about the Flavrz All Natural Liquid Drink Mix is they are portable and can be easily thrown in your bag to sweeten up your water wherever you are!

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