Flips Headphones

My husband loves to watch hockey on TV while I prefer to watch Vampire Diaries. Instead of watching our TV shows in two separate rooms, we have found a great compromise that lets us hang out together. My husband watches his hockey on the TV while I stream my show onto my iPad. I will put on my headphones so I can enjoy my show without disturbing my husband and I do not hear his game. Recently, I received the most unique headphones that has changed the way people hear their sound. The Flips Audio headphones have two purposes; one for solo listening and one for social. With the Flips headphone, you can listen privately, or you can flip them around and they become speakers so those around you can enjoy the sound as well.

The Most Unique Headphones

With Flips, you get tremendous sound quality that now you can keep to yourself or share with others. This set of most unique headphones uses an earcup that can change from solo to group listening with a flip of the earcup. The headphones are quite comfortable and when they are turned in, they keep the sound in as well. When you rotate the earcup 180 degrees, now you have a set of crystal clear speakers everyone can appreciate. The design is sleek, modern and would be the love for any techie or geek in the crowd. With the Flips, I can listen to my Vampire Diaries myself and when my son comes over to visit, I can flip them so he can hear the show as well. These are going to be awesome to take along on our upcoming family camping trip.

Flips were created by a group of guys who had a love a music, hanging out together and talking about equipment. One was an MIT guy, one was a producer guy, one was designer guy and last but not least was the entrepreneur guy. What happens when you stir the pot with these four very smart, savvy and all around cool guys? You get a hip, sleek, modern and all around innovative product in the form of the Flips headphones! You can choose from two color combinations; black with lime or white with red and each come with a protective case. You can purchase your pair of Flips from the Flips Audio website where they happen to be running a special through July 16, 2013. When you buy a set of Flips for $129, you get $10 off and shipping is upgraded from ground to rush at no additional charge.