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Everyone loves their mom and always wants to find the best gift to make her feel loved and appreciated. These are the gifts I have found and would love to share with you. After you enter my giveaway head over to Makobi Scribe to see her mothers day gift ideas worth over $3000. Then enter the grand prize drawing of a $1000 worth of Karina Dresses. <—click that link to get to the Grand Prize!

BOB Revolution SE Duallie**: For the mom on the go with two kids. The Duallie makes it easy to stay in shape while traversing your kids over even the toughest terrain. I love mine and would highly recommend any mom trying to stay in shape to get one!


  1. I like the Revolution SE Dualie, it’s perfect for my grandbaby twins and even my older two who are 2 and 3 it would get me out of the house.

  2. i also really like the BOB B-SAFE BY BRITAX carseat in the orange color. I love the colors and it looks comfy!

  3. I love the REVOLUTION SE DUALLIE. We have another baby on the way are desparately need a dual stroller!

  4. We rented a Revolution SE in Disney World last month, and I’d love to own one!

  5. I love that they have sun shields for ALL their strollers- it’s hard to find them for dualies!

  6. I love my Bob Revolution single and am in need of a dualie now to get back in shape after #2!!!

  7. I love my BOB Revolution Duallie SE! Now I need a Single BOB revolution SE for my newest addition!

  8. The Bob Motion would be great for shopping at the mall when my 3 year old doesn’t want to ride, and the Duallie would be awesome for my 19 month old and 3 year old both when we go to the zoo, amusement park, or even jogging!

  9. the ironman 3 wheel stroller in yellow really appeals to me amazing craftsmanship.

  10. I have never personally used any BOB products, but a friend has the revolution and I LOVE it! So smooth riding and pushing.

  11. I don’t have a favorite but if I could it might any one of the jogging strollers. I’ve never even been in contact with a bob stroller but I would die to have one.

  12. Love the revolution SE and the revolution SE duallie in any color… and the great car seats that match!

  13. I don’t own any yet, but I have tested out the Revolution SE stroller and the Bob-B-Safe car seat at the store… this is why I am really hoping to win!

  14. I have a 1 year old and a 2 year old, so I’d have to say the Duallie would be my favorite and the single BOB item I’d get the most use out of!

  15. I love the Revolution! I want a swivel wheel. My husband wants a locked wheel. The Revolution makes us both happy!

  16. My favorite product made by BOB has got to be the Revolution SE stroller. It is so smooth to push and helps make my workout easier. I am about to have another little one in July and would LOVE to have the duallie so that I can continue to stay in shape!

  17. SO far my favorite is the motion but I love all bob products I think the air filled tires are one of the most awesome features too!!

  18. I like so many products BOB has to offer but if I have to pick just one then it’s the BOB Motion in Navy.

  19. I love the bob revolution stroller with its long shade for the kiddos to keep the sun off their faces!!

  20. I like the car seat adaptor and the locking front wheel, but what I love is that it pretty much moves itself I just have to steer and run: )

  21. I have a single bob revolution but we have a baby due in December. The plan is to buy one of these but if I win one, Omg, I would be so excited!! I tell all my mom friends about BOB.

  22. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the BOB Revolution SE Single Jogger Stroller! I attribute it’s versatile design to my steady weight loss post delivery. After waiting six weeks to start exercising, I started walking/jogging with the stroller at least 3-5 miles daily and have steadily increased it to a minimum of 20 miles weekly. This stroller goes everywhere; I live in a downtown metro area-this stroller is compact enough to fit into my small trunk, apartment, tight shopping corner spaces, elevators & goes off-roading on most hiking trails! I’m down 13 lbs. pre-preggo weight and couldn’t be happier!

  23. I think the weather shield is a fantastic idea! My favorite product other than the Duallie!

  24. I love the duallie double with the car seat adaptor for my 2 year old and my baby girl to be born on July.

  25. I received my BOB Gear Revolution about 6 months ago. It has meant the world to my 2-1/2 year-old granddaughter who has been spending most of her time with Mamie while her parents go through a very messy divorce. With 10 children (3 by birth, 7 foster) suddenly I seem to be finding myself Mamie to a whole lot of babies. One of my foster sons has an 8 year old, had a long dry spell, now has a 1 year old with another due the end of July. The BOB Gear Duallie would be the perfect gift for this rapidly growing family for the cousins to join Miss D and Mamie.

  26. I love B.O.B! i love who everyone i have talked to always say this is the product to get for my baby! I want only the best for my child!

  27. I really the REVOLUTION SE DUALLIE , any colour….i have a falling apart double stroller now ..oh boy it’s a real treat taking the kids out in that one:)

  28. I like the BOB Revolution SE Stroller. It has good control and is light enough for me to manage. I have a friend that has one and loves it!

  29. I love my BOB Revolution SE! I teach Stroller Strides and run with my little girl in it and it’s fabulous!

  30. I wuld like the single jogging stroller! I like to go off road and you can’t do that with a standard stroller

  31. I love the duallie stroller and if I won this duallie I would give it to my best friend who is expecting her second child in 3 months:)

  32. I love the BOB Revolution! I have had the opportunity to run with one once and instantly fell in love! I would love to own one!

  33. I don’t have anything BOB yet, that is why I would love to win!! I am jealous of all of my friends with BOB’s and would love to be able to have one!

  34. We have a bob revolution but are pregnant with our second and just love our bob and want the double!

  35. I love my single bob and how versatile it is! I do a lot of trails off road that most strollers can’t handle so now that I am expecting another addition, the duallie is much needed!

  36. I love my Bob revolution so much that I a dualie. I have taken my Bob everywhere it is a dream of a stroller to operate.

  37. I like the REVOLUTION SE Duallie because it has good stability when the terrain turns tough. Thanks for the chance to win!

  38. Revolution SE Dualie in Orange is my favorite! Expecting baby number 5….already thinking about getting a run in afterwards!!!!

  39. My favorite is the Revolution SE. I would love to have a duallie since I will soon have 2 babies to cart around.

  40. I really like the BOB Revolution SE Duallie, perfect for our 19 month old and one on the way!

  41. I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old so I would LOVE the Duallie in any color 🙂

  42. I love the bob revolution SE. We have a single version but with 3 kids under 5 a duallie would be much handier 🙂

  43. My favorite is my single jogger. I use it EVERYDAY. I trained for and successfully ran my first full marathon last October. It is probably the second greatest achievement of my life thus far and I couldn’t have done it without my BOB Revolution.

  44. I love The Duallie stroller! I have 5 kids so this would be perfect for my 2 babies to ride in while the rest walk/ride their bikes.

  45. Love the revolution but with another one on the way I’m desperate for a duallie!

  46. I love the BOB Revolution SE strollers…although I don’t have one, I envy my friends who do!

  47. I have the single revolution in orange and love it!! Now my family has expanded and we really need to get the double

  48. I love the BOB Revolution SE (single) for all of our stroller needs. Whether it’s walking the mall or jogging, it’s perfect!

  49. we have the BOB SE Revolution single and love it! we are preparing to expand family to 4 of us and the duallie would come in so handy with two!

  50. I’d love a duallie so that I can put my older daughter in one side and connect a carseat to the other!

  51. I love how it can go on all terrains. I recently took my kids to the beach and my stroller would not even budge in the sand!

  52. I have two and our double is cumbersome – I’d say the Duallie is my favorite!

  53. Would love to start running again and get my 7 year started while pushing my almost 1 and 3 years olds.. Go Dualie!

  54. BOB Sport Utility Stroller Duallie Double Stroller — I’ve seen these and think they are AWESOME!

  55. I like the REVOLUTION SE in Plum – I would love to take my daughter out for a jog every now and then, thanks for this!

  56. I kind of like the Revolution SE stroller! LOVE jogging strollers, SO easy to push around. I really DO want one.

  57. I love the double stroller you reviewed. I have twin girls and this would be great!

  58. I have a B.O.B. Revolution SE and it is AMAZING. I would like to get a duallie for when my next is born but I don’t have the money. Hopefully we’ll be in better shape financially when it gets closer to time. Or what if I won? This is a great prize.

  59. We NEED a duallie, but before #2 I always dreamed of the Revolution SE 😉

  60. I love the sport utility stroller Duallie! If only I had one to enjoy with my two boys 🙂

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