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Four Loves etsy shop sent me the gorgeous Jillian pillow case dress to review. I have never seen a pillow case dress, just heard of them, and truthfully I just imaged an old pillow case made into a dress, it really didn’t sound to appealing but I thought I must see what the hype on the pillow case dress is all about. So I requested to review the Jillian pillow case dress and I sure am glad (and thankful) Four Loves sent me it. Well this was definitely NOT an old pillow case. This dress is absolutely adorable!!

This Jillian pillowcase dress came to me in a size 3t for my daughter Ava. This dress is made from from two different patterns of cotton broadcloth fabric. The top of the dress has a small scoop neck that is threaded through a piece of ribbon. The ribbon then ties off of right shoulder. The same type of ribbon is then used towards the bottom of the dress with a cute little bow on the side. The quality of this dress was amazing! I was very impressed with not only the quality of the fabric but also the way it was cute and stitched. The owner of Four Loves professionally finishes the seams with surger giving the dress great durability. I love this dress because it can grow with Ava. The dress won’t just be a summer dress but can also be worn in during different seasons with a shirt underneath and leggings. I can see her wearing it this winter with a cute pair of tights and great pair of boats. This dress is sold for $18; Talk about a great dress for a great price.

Four Loves not only sells super cute pillow case dresses but also has matching pillow case dress and pants sets. Not looking for a dress, Four Loves sells skirts, bags, custom character letter boys shirts, and burp cloths; all items ranging in price from $15-$45. Four Loves is a wonderful! I suggest checking it out!

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