Four Things You Can Build With Mega Bloks

If you have kids, you have probably had Mega Bloks in your house. My kids are Mega Bloks fanatics and Henry has begun collecting several of the sets. Caitlin will happily play with Henry and his Mega Bloks sets but she is definitely not a collector. It is amazing how much Mega Bloks have changed in the past 25 years since I was a kid! We got a box of those multi colored toys and we used our imagination to build things. Now you can find themes like Barbie, Chugginton, Smurfs, Halo and one of Henry’s favorites; Call Of Duty. When we were playing with his newest set of Mega Bloks, I decided to share with you things you can build with Mega Bloks so you get on the floor and play with your kids!

4 Things To Build With Mega Bloks

4 Things To Build With Mega Bloks

  1. Castles And Houses: Among the most popular things to build with your MEga Bloks are castles for a prince and a home for a little princess. No matter what structure they build to live in, it is a great time to play house with their toys and figures. You can help younger kids to act out different roles in a family.
  2. Animals, Insects And Creatures: With such a variety of colors Mega Bloks come in, your kids can make a cat or dog, a dragon-fly or a colorful monster. You can even help the kids make a completely new species!
  3. Transportation: Henry loves all things which go Vroom, so building vehicles, planes, helicopters and more is something he just loves. Parents may be surprised at some of the creative things their kids can make to take them from one imaginary place to another.
  4. Specialty Sets: Mega Bloks set collecting is a very popular activity for kids and adults alike. One of the most popular sets to collect among older kids and adults, are the Call Of Duty series. In our house, not only is Call of Duty® a big deal, but when you pair that with zombies, like Mega Bloks has, you have a huge hit on your hands!

COD Zombies Farm

We recently received 2 great sets from Mega Bloks: Zombie Horde, which sells for $15 and Zombies Tranzit Farm, which sells for $40 and are recommended for ages 10-12 and up. It just so happened Henry’s BFF Adam was over for the weekend when the sets arrived. I will just tell you I did not see those boys for 48 hours because they holed up in Henry’s room to play with the new sets. Because they are boys, they are all about the military and Call of Duty®. Also because they are boys, they are very into the zombie thing. Put the two together and you get these two great Call of Duty® Collector Construction Sets! With the Zombies TranZit Farm, you get to build a huge structure which measures 17L x 8.5W x 9H and four pretty cool zombies looking for brain food. The TranZit Farm also has a spinning windmill, breakaway boards, opening and closing barn doors, and buildable lava. Henry and Adam made weapons with the farm-based accessories and clobbered them with the old bale drop trick.

When the boys were playing with the Zombie Horde from the Mega Bloks Call of Duty® Collector Construction Set,I had to jump in and play too! The zombies are so gnarly looking and they look like they could take a bite right out of your hand! You get 5 of the zombies as well as a ton of accessories like a spare tire, shovel, pick, and wooden boards which you can also use as weapons to fight this collection of undead grossness! When the boys were not looking, I took 2 of the zombies and bit their necks and then tagged the infected and ran out of the room! Boy did that start a boys against the girls mini-zombie apocalypse in my house! Needless to say, we had a blast with our Mega Bloks Call of Duty® Collector Construction Sets, which you can buy from the Mega Bloks website, Amazon and fine retailers who sell Mega Bloks toys. One USA reader will win both Call Of Duty® Collector Construction Sets $55.

What would you build with your kids and their Mega Bloks set?


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