Four Tips To Make Housework Easier

I am a self confessed neat freak, much to the chagrin of my family. Apparently my anal retentive and OCD ways are not exactly lining up with their idea of cleaning the house. My idea of cleaning is getting down on my hands and knees to scrub the floors, vacuuming every day or never leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight. My family on the other hand thinks if you can walk around or over it, the room is clean. After I had my shoulder surgery, it was difficult at best to do my usual cleaning. It was even more difficult to get my family to see my way of how to clean the house. My solution was to find these tips!

4 Ways You Can Make Housework Easier

4 Ways You Can Make Housework Easier

  1. Rethink Your Level Of Cleanliness: Wow was this hard for me to swallow! I had to admit it was not necessary to clean like the President was coming every single day. I knew I had to ease up on the strict guidelines I had not only given the family, but myself as well. Now I can feel more relaxed and content with my less than the white glove cleaning standards I had been using.
  2. Hit The Worst Area First: I tend to start at the front of the house and work my way back. However, this is not always where the most mess is. Now I am able to prioritize where to start so if I do not get the entire house done, I have tackled the messiest areas first.
  3. Stop Dirt In Its Tracks: If you can do a little prevention in the area of cleaning, you can minimize how much cleaning you need to do. If you take off your shoes at the door, you can cut up to 85% of surface dirt from your floors and carpets. If you use a damp towel to keep the stove top clean while you are cooking, it eliminates that scrubbing you will do later.
  4. Choose The Right Tools: If you use tools which make cleaning easier, you will cut your cleaning time down. This also means it can make the cleaning process easier on you as well. One of the biggest struggles I had after my surgery was vacuuming the house. My old vacuum was heavy and hard to push. Being right handed and with my right shoulder in a sling, it was impossible to vacuum. That is until I received the Shark® Rocket™ Stick Vacuum from Euro-Pro. This lightweight beauty made my life so much easier and my house so much cleaner!

Dirt From Vacumming

The Shark® Rocket™ Stick Vacuum, sells for $200 at Target, Best Buy, Walmart and other retailers. It is honestly like a dream come true for me and is my #1 on my list of tips to make housework easier. It is unlike any vacuum I have ever owned, and I have owned quite a few! I am really fussy about my vacuums and after using them for a few months, I get frustrated with their lack of performance. Not so with the Shark Rocket Stick Vacuum. This vacuum has such powerful suction, it got more dirt in one sweep of the house than my other vacuum would have gotten in 5.

The Shark® Rocket™ cleans as well on bare floors as it does on carpet. It uses a brush roll for deep cleaning the carpet and suction only for your bare floors, furniture and other surfaces. It is so lightweight it will take you by surprise. I was so accustomed to pushing a heavy vacuum, the first time I used the Shark® Rocket™, it literally felt like a feather in comparison. I can clean from floor to ceiling without any complicated tools and it is easy to life to get those hard to reach areas.

Shark Vacuum Accessories

The cup is so easy to empty and it comes with a kit to hang your Shark® Rocket™ once you are done. There are so many tools, you can clean pet hair, ground in dirt and more AND it comes with a nice cloth bag to store them in. If there was one thing I could tell you to convince you how awesome this vacuum is, it would be that my family now vacuums the house as much as I do! Be sure to follow Shark on Twitter.

How do you make cleaning your house easier?