show your dog you love them

Valentine’s Day is the one day a year when everyone has the right to feel loved. Holidays come and go and our dogs are often overlooked. Make this year special for everyone in your house, including your fur babies!

show your dog love

4 Ways to Show Your Dog You Love Her

  1. Talk to your dog. Think of each time you say the word “out” or “treat” or “ride” and the reaction your dog has. They are listening! So talk to them! Having a social relationship with your dog is not crazy. In fact, it is super beneficial to your health, and the health of your dog. Start by telling them about your day. (They will never stop you from complaining about your work day!) Then move on to their day or ask them what they had dreams about last night. The questions are endless. Bonus: The happy talk between you and your dog can help to lower your own blood pressure!
  2. Give them cozy quarters. The right sleeping quarters can actually extend the life of your furry best friend. It’s first important to get to know your dog. Are they a snuggler or a nester? Do they like to spread out or curl up nice and tight? Make sure their space fits their personality. Dogs also like to have their own personal space to get away from all of life’s stressors (aka. the kids, the cat, the TV…yup dogs get stressed!) so make sure their space is cozy and off the beaten path.
  3. Give your dog regular massages. I once had a friend who regularly brought her dog for acupuncture. I thought she was absolutely crazy! That was until I looked up the benefits. Now, I’m not saying that you need to schedule an appointment at your local pet acupuncturist today. There are many things that you can do at home to help your pet relax, starting with massage. Pet massage can help to improve tissue blood flow, oxygenation and remove toxins from your pet. Dogs feel old age pains just as humans do. Massage can help with muscle tension and soreness, and be especially helpful in dealing with arthritis and hip dysplasia. Plus, you’re showing you love your dog when you touch them. So pet them!
  4. Provide toys. Dogs LOVE toys! They are just like children in that they need something to keep them busy! The dog toy of choice in my house is the Luv-A-Pet Care Bears Dog Toy line. Grace just absolutely LOVES the Plush Mini Dog Toy! She has carried it with her everywhere, and treats it like the pup she never had. All of the toys are of solid construction and feel soft and loveable. They also have a squeaky, which we all know makes any dog go crazy! Luv-A-Pet Care Bears are available at PetSmart and They are affordable, with prices ranging between $4.50-$9.99. Better yet, 10% of the purchase price from each Care Bear Dog Toy will go to PetSmart Charities to help save the lives of homeless pets. Now that is a great way to show your dog you love them on Valentine’s Day!

Now it’s time to make your dog feel special. What will you do to show your dog that you love him or her this Valentine’s Day? What do you love most about your dog?