I am currently at the biggest blogging conference of the year, BlogHer, in Chicago. It is so crazy busy here with all of the exhibits at the Expo Hall, great sessions, terrific speakers, brands, and of course, the parties. When I attended this conference last year I was 173 pounds, but this year I was 132! Everyone who saw me remarked on how great I looked with the weight that I had lost. I wanted to make sure I made the right choices while I was here. I wanted to be able to continue to fuel a better me.


I saw a yoga class was being offered offsite in the park at 7 am! Wow! This was a very early time for me, but I committed to the exercise class in order to keep me in line with my goals. The park was about a mile from my hotel, so I got double the exercise! I opted to walk over cab ride for the first day and a half, then I took a break for my poor blisters! However, I resumed walking again on the last day!


At conferences, the brands often tempt you with tons of sweet treats, but I selected the healthier vegetable options over the cake, pies, and cookies. I also met with the Nutrisystem team, and they provided me with a few select breakfast, lunch and snack items to keep my on track as well. It is harder to stay on a diet when you travel, but when you are coming in to the home stretch with only a few pounds left to lose, decide to choose the choices that will help Fuel a better you.

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