Fun Books For Preschoolers That Teach

If you have had preschoolers in your life, you know how incredibly curious they can be. It is so much fun to see that curiosity at work which is like seeing those wheels in their head just turning! This is the age where everything is turned into a question for the adults to answer. If you have kids that love to be read to, a lot of those questions can be answered within the pages. If you can find a series of books that includes fun books for preschoolers that teach, you have a winner! The Schoolies book series for preschoolers from  Macmillian Kids will have your kids laughing and having fun while learning as well.

Fun Books For Preschoolers That Teach

In order to make young kids interested in reading and learning, the key is to get their attention immediately. When you have a series of books that are brightly colored and illustrated, kids will be happy to sit close and hear you read to them. Studies have shown that the more you read to your little ones, the stronger foundation for learning you are building. Ellen Crimi-Trent is an artist and designer that has created the Schoolies book series and colorful and entertaining characters who live within the pages. These books are written for the preschool set and provides the early learning formats that set them up for success.

My family received the series of 4 books and 1 set of flascards from the Schoolies series. Included in the set are the following books:

  1. My School Day: Your kids will be taken on an adventure where they will spend the day with the Schoolies. With a play clock included, your children will learn to tell time and practice with the movable plastic hands.
  2. School House: You kids will love these fold out pages that create 4 scenes inside and out of the Schoolies schoolhouse. Your little ones will love using the stickers and press-out play characters and accessories they can use in their book.
  3. Let’s Get Ready For School: Repetition is what the preschool age child needs and these books are perfect for that. With pages you can write on and wipe off, you can go back and repeat the activities as many times as you like.
  4. Making Friends: Many young kids are nervous about the first day of school and these books help put those fears to rest. With two stories that talk about how to conquer shyness and being nervous, they will be excited to start school! You will find 2 sheets of stickers that are full of the adorable Schoolies characters.
  5. Activity Flash Cards: Another great learning tool for that much needed repetition are flash cards. Parents and teachers alike have incorporated using flash cards in their daily routine:   This box includes 26, double-sided activity flash cards with the Schoolies gang who are there to help kids learn their ABC, 123, colors, shapes and more.

You can purchase the Schoolies books and flashcards from the Macmillian website either individually or in a set. The prices range from $4.99-$14.99 separately or $48.94 for the boxed set.


  1. I like the Schoolies: Making Friends. It would be great for my nephew that will start school in a few weeks.

  2. I love the flash cards, my son loves his other cards and would be so happy to win this. TY for the chance

  3. I like the Schoolies: My First Day of School book. My youngest granddaughter is almost ready to start kindergarten!

  4. I like the Schoolies: Activity Flash Cards . We use flash cards for all of our kids when we work with math, colors, shapes, ect.

  5. I like the book “My School Day”… the clock is a great learning tool. Thank you for the giveaway!!

  6. I love the Schoolhouse book. I can imagine my boys using this in scenarios that they have experienced.

  7. The schoolies activity flash cards. These would help my son learn his ABC’s and numbers.

  8. The Lets Get Ready For School Book is my favorite because it would address the transitioning period when a child starts school. It would get them prepared for school and expecting the changes that occur with going to school.

  9. the “MY School Day” looks like a really cute learning tool so they know what to expect on their first day

  10. I like Schoolies My First Day At School for my little grandson who starts school this year.

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