We’ve visited Tenerife quite a few times now. It’s a small Spanish island just off the west coast of Africa. We find that despite its size there are lots of things to do and see to keep everyone entertained and that thanks to its size all of the sights are close by.

We’ve adore the local cuisine and love to go try new restaurants while we are there. The kids can be a bit fussy when it comes to seafood, so after hearing wonderful stories about ‘El Brasero Campestre’ – a Canarian grill just a short drive away from where we were staying in Los Abrigos – we decided we just had to visit.

When we arrived at the restaurant we were seated at a table and a server explained how the evening would pan out. ‘El Brasero Compestre’, which translates into ‘The Rural Grill’ in English, isn’t a regular restaurant – it’s more of a buffet, but with waiter service. You don’t pick an item off the menu and wait for it, instead servers come over to your table one after the other bringing with them different types of meat for you to try until you’ve had enough. Not only is this a carnivore’s dream, but it’s perfect for picky kids who can try all different foods and eat as much of their favorites as they want.

We were invited to take whatever we wanted from the hot and cold self-service buffets as often as we wanted during our meal. There was a huge selection of Canarian tapas-style dishes, as well as salad ingredients, side dishes and an incredible choice of homemade sauces. Whilst I was tempted to pile my plate high with everything in front of me, I knew the best food was yet to come, so I limited myself to a salad, Canarian potatoes, Russian salad and some vegetables.


I had to make sure I kept a close eye on the kids, too, otherwise they would have filled themselves up on bread and pasta before the first meat dish even appeared at our table.

After we’d all chosen from the buffet and sat back down in our seats, our server appeared with the first selections of meat – Canarian sausages and black pudding. The sausages were bite-sized and were almost inhaled by all of us. We love British black pudding but the Canarian variation is a lot sweeter and wasn’t really to our taste, but I’m proud to say everyone tried it.

Soon after we’d cleared out plates, another server came along with roast chicken thighs and bacon-wrapped chicken breast – both of which were divine. The meat was so juicy and succulent I could hardly believe it – I wish I could cook like that at home! The chicken was followed by generously-sized gammon steaks topped with fried eggs and pineapple slices which we loved, too. By this time we were getting rather full and since the gammon steaks were so huge, we shared two between the four of us.

Next we were presented with one of the tenderest pieces of lamb I’d ever eaten. I don’t know which cut of the meat it was, but it was so amazing that I ate the whole thing, even though I’d already had more than enough to eat by this time. Just as I had decided that I couldn’t possibly eat anything else, our server returned with a plate of the most gorgeous looking sirloin steaks and before I knew it I was nodding my head and digging in. Just like everything else we’d been given that night, the steak was amazing and I was glad I hadn’t turned it down, even though my stomach felt like it was going to burst.

After the sirloin steak, we were offered a fillet steak but by that point I really did have to say no – not because I didn’t want any (I certainly did) but because I physically couldn’t eat anymore. The server asked if we wanted any more of any of the meats we had tried and we were all just so full we couldn’t possibly accept any more dishes, although if there had been an option to take away a doggy bag I would have jumped at the chance. My little ones always want dessert after dinner, but they’d had such a good meal that they didn’t want any ice cream or cake, even though it was available as part of the buffet menu.

When we paid the bill I was surprised at how low it was. There was a set price per person and I definitely thought we’d got an amazing deal, considering the amount of food we’d eaten and the wonderful quality of it. The drinks were really affordable, too, so we certainly didn’t feel like we’d been ripped off. After such a fantastic experience, whenever anyone asks me to recommend a family-friendly restaurant in Tenerife, ‘El Brasero Campestre’ is always the very first one that comes to mind.

Katie is the travel and food loving blogger from the UK who runs She visited Tenerife earlier this year with her family and since returning they’ve enjoyed trying to recreate some of the dishes they discovered during their trip.