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Fun Family Travel Ideas For Making Memories #FamilyTravelTips

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. Some of my fondest memories growing up were when my family would travel to, what at the time seemed like far away places. They would take us camping on a whim, just to get away from the daly life hustle for a little quality time around the ole camp fire. Back then it didn’t take much to keep us entertained and the rules were simple. Don’t leave the campground and check in once an hour. Nowadays thing are a little different. Most kids I know have some kind of electronic device attached at the hip. There are of course pros and cons to this. One it keeps them entertained, but then it takes away from the whole reason you went on vacation anyway. Well here are some fun family travel ideas that is sure to bring your family closer together.

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Three Memory Making Ideas

  1. License Plate Scavenger Hunt: This one from back in the day my folks used to keep us occupied on the road. You can score two ways. Collect the most different  plates and the plate from farthest away.
  2. Family Board Games: There is currently a board game resurgence under underway. In my humble opinion there are few things that bring people together and get them riled up, that aren’t contact sports, like board games. There are so many great family games that i would be easy to find one or two the whole family likes. Play solo or team up  and let the competition begin.
  3. Campfire Movie Night: Well your gonna have to deal with the tech issue at some point. So you might as well make it work to your advantage. Everybody loves movies right? What could possibly be better that a family movie night under the stars, melting S’mores over the campfire. Nothing, that’s what.

In the days of modern technology, it’s hard if not impossible to escape it when on family vacations. Best Buy is breaking down the walls of tech that seem to keep everyone in their own little world when traveling. They want to inspire the use of the days technology to help bring the family back together. Using your phone as a hot spot you can stream movies from anywhere there is cell reception. Link that phone to a mini projector and hang up a white sheet from the trees, and voila! instant outdoor sit in theater. What in the world could possibly be cooler than that. This is just one of the many great ideas that Best Buy is putting forward to help you use the modern tech to your advantage and bring your family even closer together.

What’s your secret weapon in keeping the family unit together and entertained while traveling? Where does your family travel

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