Fun Games For Kids

Fun Games For Kids

If you are looking for fun games for kids, you are not alone!  We have the standard stash of our old standbys like Sorry! Yatzee and Clue, but they are about played out!  Now that my kids are older, they are not as interested in playing “baby” games anymore!  I hate how darn expensive games have gotten lately.  I was recently at the store looking for some new board games and I was shocked at how much they run these days.  I am not kidding when I tell you can find an Xbox or PlayStation game cheaper at the used game store!  That is just absurd in my opinion.  In order to keep your family together on your family nights, you need to be able to do so without going to the poor house!

Marina Games is a great company that distributes affordable games for every age group.  This family owned business has been supplying families all over with great games that you can play anywhere.  The games are small enough that you can slip them in your purse and take them to the doctor’s office or for your appointment for servicing your car or anywhere.  That is pretty darn convenient, especially if  your appointment runs late and your kids are getting restless.  One aspect of Marina Games that I think any parent would appreciate is that their games pass and even exceed high standards for quality and safety.  Paring this with the convenience and affordability, this is a no brainer!

Family Game Night Ideas

If you are looking for family game night ideas, you need to find a reliable company you can feel good about buying from for your kids.  Marina Games was generous enough to send my family 6 games for review.  They sent:

  • My Grocery List ($7.99) which is a great game for your kids ages 3-7.  The game teaches your little ones matching, shapes and colors.  Each child will choose items from their grocery list to put in their basket and the first to fill their basket wins.  This game was a big hit with our little 6 year old neighbor, Olivia.
  • Olivia’s 4 year old brother Dominic loves Frogs on a Lily Pad ($7.99) which teaches your younger children their numbers.
  • Rummino ($9.99), where dominoes meets Rummy, is a great game for the 8+ set.  This is a fast paced game in which each player draws 7 tiles and take turns adding tiles for a run or a set.  My kids and I absolutely love this game.  I love dominoes but had never played it with my kids, so this was a fun play on the classic game.
  • Take-Out ($7.99) is really fun game you play with numbered die. The object of the game is to remove your entire numbered die in an attempt to get a score of zero.  This is a game that encourages you to make a “0”!!  On a recent doctor’s appointment my husband and the kids decided it was too hot for the park, so they waited in the office and played Take-Out.  They were mad at me for being finished early because they wanted to keep playing!!
  • Crossword Cubes is a word spelling dice game that is really fast paced and my husband, who is a crossword geek, LOVES this game.  He and I have had more fun with this game than any other in a while.  The object is to roll out the 13 lettered die and see how many words they can make in their allotted time!
  • Last but not least is our very favorite game; Farkle ($7.99), which is the game the kids are playing in the picture.  This game is totally fun and very addictive.  In a similar manner of Yatzee, in Farkle you shake, roll and count your points but in Farkle, you can take a chance of rolling a second time while trying not to get “Farkled”, which my kids thinks the name is hilarious as you can imagine. We did have to correct them yelling “You Farkled” while waiting for our food at a local restaurant, as many guests apparently don’t know they actually said “Farkled” not “Farted”!!!  Uh huh…Hilarious!!!  (It was hysterically funny actually!!)

One lucky reader will win a complete set of the 6 games my family received for a total of $49.94

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