Fun Games To Play With Kids
What a great time of year to find some fun games to play with kids!  My kids are on winter break starting tomorrow, and for the next 2 weeks, I am going to be the head of the entertainment committee!  We all love to play board games and I can’t think of a better way to spend a cold, snowy and grey day than with my family, drinking a hot cocoa and playing games in our pajamas.  I love winter because it is made for days like this when it is just right to be with the people you love.  It is too cold to go out for very long and the video games are getting old, so pulling a few favorite games out of a hat sounds like a great idea to me!  Here are some classic games to play with your family:

Fun Games To Play With Kids

  • Monopoly: This is a classic that is a favorite of families all over the world.  I wonder how many families who have a Monopoly game in their house also had one in their family as a child.  I remember nights spent at the big dining room table in my house playing with my 4 older siblings.  Good times, good times!!
  • Twister: Here is an oldie but goodie!  This was a standard to play at every sleepover I ever had at my house.  Between Twister and Mystery Date, I and my girlfriends were set for the night!!  I just wonder why I always got the Mystery Dud?!
  • The Game Of Life:  Who doesn’t love playing this game?  And it is an unwritten rule that you must sing the ditty from the commercial every time you roll the dice.  This is a game my younger sister and I played and my kids and I love playing now.
  • Parcheesi: If you didn’t play Parcheesi as a kid, you have missed out on a great game.  I am pretty sure this classic game was the jumping point for the game of Sorry!  My brother would play this with my sister and me and would beat us to a pulp every stinking time.  Why we tortured ourselves as we did with this game, I could not tell you.  I found the most wonderful company that carries games of yesterday as well as games of today.  Winning Moves Games has a huge variety of games that your whole family as well as your circle of friends would love to play.

Classic And New Board Games

I have been adding classic and new board games to our game collection for years now.  It is funny that some of our favorites continue to cycle back through once we have worn out the board or lost several pieces.  Winning Moves Games began in 1995 when a very talented group of men from all over the world.  These men have worked in some of the highest positions with iconic companies like Milton Bradley and Parker Brothers.  By forming a tight relationship with Hasbro, Inc., Winning Moves Games is now been given the esteem honor of being the exclusive maker of the award winning games from Milton Bradley and Parker Brothers.  With Winning Moves Games you can find everything from cards, to board games to puzzles.  If you are in the mood for a classic like Scrabble or a newly developed game like Big Boggle or Mah Jongg.  With offices in Germany, France and Britain, you can also purchase games from those sister companies as well.

Classic And New Board Games
I had the honor and privilege to be sent three games from Winning Moves; Tile Lock Scrabble ($20.95), Scattergories Categories ($20.95) and Parcheesi Royal Edition ($20.95).  As you can see, the kids put on their most fierce game faces and dove into Tile Lock Scrabble immediately and when I was on bed rest for my sprained ankle, Caitlin brought the game in the bed and we played it as well.  The kids had a lot of fun playing Parcheesi because it was my 50th birthday and they reminded me over and over again that I played the game 40 long years ago!!  I have found a new favorite game company and with their extensive inventory and affordable prices, I will never need to go anywhere else!

One reader will win Tile Lock Scrabble ($20.95), Scattergories Categories ($20.95) and Parcheesi Royal Edition ($20.95)

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  1. I loved the game Payday when I was a kid! I forgot it even existed 🙂 I bet my kids would love playing that.

  2. I loved the game Payday when I was a kid! I forgot it even existed 🙂 I bet my kids would love playing that.

  3. I like Monopoly and Scrabble, but I saw Pass the Pigs on the site and if it’s like the one I know of, it’s a hysterical game lol 🙂

  4. SUPER BIG BOGGLE looks like a lot of fun. I remember loving that game when I was about my daughter’s age.

  5. Clue has ALWAYS been my favorite game. I still like to play it whenever its my turn to pick the game on family game night. 😀

  6. I LOVE puzzles! So my fave is a puzzle and the one I like mbest is the Starlight Rainforest – 1000 Pieces. It is SO COLORFUL!

  7. Wow you had actually almost mentioned what games are good and entertaining for kids. They are all educational and a fun-loving games to share with the whole family. You know what this is what I always love to do to every children too. As an author of children’s books, I make sure to not only make them entertained to what they have read but also give them some lessons about what they have found out in the story. So these games as well are really nice things to do to make them be fed with a lot of knowledge and at the same time enjoy their kid’s life.

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  9. I like the Mystery Date® – – Paul T/Pauline T aka Paol Trenny….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  10. My favorite product is Payday! I loved that game as a kid 🙂 We even used the pieces to make up our own game! 🙂

  11. The Rubix Void looks great! We are all really into puzzles so this looks like a fantastic toy for my whole family!

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