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Fun Kids Books That Teach Lessons

Although children do not begin school until they are 5 or 6, learning begins much earlier.  When you have a younger kid at home, learning opportunities present themselves throughout the day.  Many parents may not even be aware of their teachings, but by pointing to a bird and saying the name, or color or the sound it makes are all lessons for your little one.  One favorite teaching tool are kids story books because the simple story lines  bright colors and likable characters attract a child to them.  It is pretty easy to see which books are liked more than others when you hear "again" over and over!  One author who has successfully crated a series of books for young children is Carole P. Roman.  Carole, a former teacher, turned businesswoman  has  grand kids who inspire her.  Carole's Captain No Beard series has become popular among kids all over the world and they will love the newest book in the series.

Carole P. Roman

Fun Kids Books That Teach Lessons

The popular series is about a crew of animals who sail the seas on the Flying Dragon pirate ship, led by Captain No Beard.  Captain No Beard is actually Alexander, a young boy, whose bed can magically transform into a pirate ship.  Alexander's cousin Hallie and his favorite stuffed animals, Mongo the Monkey, Linus the Lion and Fribbet the Frog all become characters on the ship.  If you want fun books that teach lessons, the Captain No Beard series is a great choice.  The latest book in the Captain No Beard series, Pepper Parrot's Problem with Patience: A Captain No Beard Story,  finds the crew welcoming Pepper Parrot, a new crew member who has a problem she is embarrassed about.  Pepper discovers quickly she can't keep up with rest of the crew as they do their drills.  We find out Pepper doesn't know her left from her right and she doesn't want to tell the crew.  Sweet Hallie, Captain No Beard's first mate,  learns of Pepper's problem and offers to help by using a fun memory trick.  When Pepper Parrot masters this task, we see her head held high with a new found sense of accomplishment and a rise in self-esteem.  With this story, children reading the book can learn everyone has challenges that can be overcome with patience and learning.  My youngest has an older brother who has learned what we are now teaching him and he can get frustrated from time to time.  I think he could relate to how Pepper felt in the book and we were rooting for her to learn her left and right and cheered when she did! You can purchase Pepper Parrot's Problem with Patience at Amazon and Barnes and Noble for $9.99.  Also, you can connect with Carole and Captain No Beard on Facebook.

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