Learning Can Be Fun For Kids Instead Of Boring

I am a self admitted geek! I have always s loved school and my recent graduation from nursing school brought a bit of sadness. I really enjoy learning and hate that college chapter may be closing for me. Because I enjoy it so much, I am trying to continue on with my education. When we found about about Henry’s autism and we began the uphill battle with his school, we were discouraged. When I was encouraged to start homeschooling him, I was excited to have that opportunity. How cool that I could share my love of learning with my son, right?! Um, not so much as it turns out! I do my best to make school fun, but I am not always as creative as I would like to be. With that said, I turn to the plethora of stuff from Super Duper Inc. that ensures me learning can be fun for kids. If you have a child with special needs, you can find products that can help in many areas of their development.

Fun Learning Games For Kids

Super Duper Publications was started in 1986 by Sharon and Thomas Webber. Sharon was a Speech-Language Pathologist in the public schools and created a series of easy-to-use therapy materials. Before he began developing therapy materials as well, Thomas was an attorney. Now, almost 30 years later, the company is filled with a line of products that include creative, colorful educational and therapy materials. You can find products for your child with autism, a brain injury or perhaps sensory integration issues. The products from Super Duper are not limit to children with special needs or those who need OT or PT. There are plenty of products that can help your child with handwriting skills, grammar, reading comprehension and much more.

We were sent the Grammar Gumballs Board Game as well as the Magne Talk Match Up Adventures Game. I love both of these products because they have renewed Henry’s interest in areas that I struggled to get him interested in. We have had a tough time with grammar and Henry had developed a mental block to learning any of it. With the Grammar Gumballs game, which you can purchase for $49.95, makes learning the basics of grammar fun. When I was playing it with Henry, I could almost see the light bulb go on! Both of the kids really had a lot of fun playing the Magne Match Up Game, which sells for $89.94, because it lets them get creative. The 2-sided board let’s them keep their board a secret, which adds to the fun of the experience. It comes with 10 boards, including 2 of each in camping, a picnic, outer space, the grocery store and the ocean. The game emphasizes story telling, language, vocabulary, giving and following directions and listening. What kid does not need help with the listening category, right?! This product is a great value for the money because they can play it and never get the same thing every time. We are a big fan of the products from Super Duper Inc. and you would be as well. You can purchase their educational, therapeutic and affordable products from their website.

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  1. I think the Just for Laughs™
    Understanding Multiple Meanings in Jokes
    would be a lot of fun and help them understand some jokes better

  2. The Analogies sounds quite fun to play. Its almost like a game. I would love to get it for my Step Daughter.

  3. I would love the 400 Webber® Sign Language Cards. We are learning sign language with my son and that would be helpful.

  4. I like the Core Curriculum Vocabulary Cards as a homeschooling parent they have lots of helpful items. I am glad to have learned about this website I will surely be using it. Thanks

  5. I like the Word FLIPS™ for Learning Intelligible Production of Speech – it would be great for my grandson who is having some challenges with getting rid of his “baby talk.”

  6. My favorite product is the Jeepers Peepers Game- The “Ask and Answer” Question Game. It looks pretty fun for the kids in Grades K and up to play.

  7. I like the 200 More Sight Words plus Sentence Building Super Fun Deck. Also I accidentally hit the enter button for liking Super Duper Publications on facebook. Can you delete it for me, please?

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