Fun Monthly Dog Treat Box

Do you love to see the mailman pull up at your door and bring you a box of cool stuff? My kids are so funny whenever they know the mailman, UPS or FedEx is coming to the house. I swear, they have a radar now so they can hear them coming up the street and they are waiting for them in the driveway when they pull up! They get so excited when I let them open the boxes we get on a weekly basis. Well, now the dogs are in on the act and that could not be funnier! I have been trying to include them in the excitement and thought getting them a fun monthly dog treat box would be something they would enjoy. With the monthly subscription service from BarkBox, you can be sure your dog will love you.

Fun Monthly Dog Treat Box

When I was younger, my mom raised Irish Setters and we had dog stuff all over the place! Mom always had toys, treats and all kinds of fun things for them to run in and around in the yard. Our dogs somehow knew when mom had gone to the pet store and gotten them something fun because they would be jumping and scratching at the door when she pulled up. It was so much fun to see them take off running when we would throw their latest toy or get that big sloppy kiss when we gave them a treat! With the fun monthly dog treat box from BarkBox, Ringo and Elvis can get some high quality products they can enjoy.

If you are not familiar with Bark Box, it is a monthly subscription service for your dog. Each month you get a box filled with hand selected products for your dog. You will get healthy treats, toys for your puppy and they are delivered directly to your door. When you sign up, you fill out information on your dog so they are sure to send the right products for your furry baby. This month I received a portable water bowl, which was so great for taking to the dog park or camping. We also got some healthy chewy treats, a new chewy bone and a sample of some organic food. You will always be surprised at what you receive each month from BarkBox, but never disappointed.


  1. I like the large dog box for our yellow lab/german shephard mix Joey. He’d adore the special gifts!

  2. I like the just right bark box for the longest and cheapest option, 6 months. My dog would love to try new treats!

  3. Myrtle Beach, SC has some really wonderful festivals including the 8th annual Beach, Boogie & BBQ Festival!

  4. I would pick the big and bold. I have a golden retriever mix and she is over 50 pounds! She would be so excited to have a package arrive full of dog treats….she would go nuts!

  5. Molly (our dog) as always would love the treats.

    Going to that site even though you are forced to sign up even to look at it they don’t actually tell you what products are in the boxes (just sayin’)

  6. I know I would love the treats the best. Because I use treats as training rewards and always need a good stock on hand.

  7. I like that a portion of proceeds from each box will go to help doggies-in-need and you get all-natural treats

  8. I love that they donate 10% to rescue groups. ๐Ÿ˜€ Also, I love their ‘no thanks’ button on the subscription. Made me giggle.

  9. I don’t see any specific products to comment on… but my terrier loves to destroy things, so chew toys would be perfect.

  10. I love the box for the large dogs. I have an 8 year old Boxer. I think this is something I should look into for him. He loves getting gifts.

  11. I love how the Bark box works with what size your dog is, and what I like most that comes inside of it is the toys and hygiene products.

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