spring table wreath

I really enjoy the changing of the seasons for all they bring. One of my favorite seasons is spring because it is a time of renewal and freshness that no other season brings. I enjoy the beautiful colors of the spring blooms, the lush green grass and the sounds of the birds singing. I also enjoy decorating, so when there is a new season, I try and find something nice to put up to celebrate the time. With spring here, I wanted to add a few pops of color in some common areas of my house. I decided to look online and see what may give me inspiration and here is what I found:

  • Ornaments: Opposed to popular belief, ornaments are not just for Christmas trees and decorations. Our family doctor has a tree in the waiting room that is there year round. The staff decorate it with lots of fun stuff relative to the season or holiday. For spring, they will hang plastic eggs, faux bird nests and other cute items. When it is done, it is super cute and cheers up the whole room.
  • Use Colors: If you have a pretty neutral color base in your home, you can add some nice pops of color to match the changing seasons. I use a lot of pillows because they are easy, affordable and change the look of the room so much.
  • Paint: Consider painting just one accent wall or something in the room that will make a difference without a lot of effort. A clever idea I found was to paint the wooden window frame a nice color. The examples I saw really looked fantastic and it would be pretty easy to do.
  • Table Centerpiece: If you have a table in the family room or in your dining room, adding a festive centerpiece is always a good idea. The reason I love this is because you can do so many different things with it. You can use a ring of candles, some fresh flowers and greenery or just about anything. There is a great Etsy shop that makes really breathtaking wreaths that can be used for a variety of uses. Jenny Doughty of Lush Wreath Works, has put a unique spin on wreath making that is just amazing!

Fun Seasonal Decoration Ideas

I have a great sense of humor, and I like it when I have the chance to show that in my decor. When I was looking for fun seasonal decoration ideas, the wreaths from Lush Wreath Works were perfect. Jenny uses unusual materials like plastic table clothes or fleece and creates these awesome multi dimensional and colorful wreaths. The wreaths can be used indoors as well as out and you can hang them on a wall or use it like I did, as a table centerpiece. I love my spring wreath with the pretty  pink, lavender, and robin’s egg blue petals. I think they look like real flower petals! Because the wreath is made from plastic table cloths, it is stain and water resistant, which is perfect for a busy house like mine or a front door. You can order your wreath from Jenny through her Etsy store. You can choose from a huge array of colors as well as 5 sizes, one of which is a heart. The price for my wreath was $50, and they can range from $21.00 to $80.00. You can have Jenny make a wreath with your favorite colors, holiday colors or even your favorite team colors. Just give her a few days to get your wreath done and she will ship it promptly. You can get free shipping using code FREESHIPMS.

Do you want a chance to this beautiful wreath? You can use it on your door or as a centerpiece. Fill out the GT form below.