Funky Socks For Every Occasion

Funky Socks For Every Occasion

I LOVE to wear funky socks for every occasion.  It doesn’t matter if it is a workday, a Tuesday, a party, or whatever day you choose, funky socks are a plus!!  I have always loved socks with cool designs and colors.  There is just something to be said about wearing a pair of fun socks; it just brightens your mood!  Not only do I love to wear fun socks, but my kids do as well.  Whenever I am shopping, I always stop in the hosiery section to check out their sock inventory.  It is a bit sad to see some stores only sell the ho-hum solid colored socks.  Why??  Fun socks should be seen and not hidden!!  I say wear those funky socks with pride!!

Men's Crew SocksSock It To Me is a company that is right up my alley…or should I say leg?!  When Carrie Atkinson was out of college and went searching for a job, armed with her degree, she could not find a job.  How often have we heard that sad news?  What makes Carrie different is that she didn’t give up on finding work; she just decided to create a job for herself!!  While teaching English in Korea, Carrie could not resist the well-made socks for sale that had bright colors and patterns and were affordable.  In 2004, Carrie took her love of unusual and fun socks and approached Naked City in Portland and they agreed to carry her socks in their store (and they still do!!).  Now Carrie and her team of 6 wildly talented cohorts continue to bring you socks that are as well-made as they are funky!  If you are thinking to yourself, “I wish I could design a pair of socks. I love funky and cool designs”, hop on over to Sock It To Me and enter their Design A Sock Contest.  You can win some pretty good bank for your creative flair!
Socks That Are Fun

Socks That Are Fun

It takes more than just making socks that are fun to be successful in this field.  You need to have something that no one else has in order to beat out the competition.  With Sock It To Me, they have such a great formula for their socks, that they are one of the leaders in this industry.  You can find socks for your baby or your grand dad, socks that are knee high or ankle high and you can find just about any design you could possibly think of!  I was sent a great variety of socks from Sock It To Me and I LOVE them!!  I received:

  • Junior Crew: Red Ninja – $7.50
  • Knee Sock: Water Lily – $9.00
  • Knee Sock: Sunset Tree – $9.00
  • Men’s Crew: Tribal Stripe – $9.00

Can I tell you how awesome these socks are?  These are by far some of the best socks for their incredible construction and their tons of fun socks you have to choose from.  My family has a running joke about gnomes and mustaches, and low and behold; Sock It To Me had them!  I know what stockings I am putting in my family’s Christmas Stocking this year!!

One winner will receive (4) pairs of socks of their choice from Sock It To Me


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  1. monkey socks. they would go so well with my monkey jammies. Thanks for the review, I love socks. the old gal may not have the gams to turn heads but I have the snazzy socks

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