There are times for nice, well-groomed pictures of the family in their finery posing wholesomely for the camera for a picture which will go proudly on the mantelpiece. These times are weddings, birthdays and similar special occasions. Christmas is a time for eating too much, getting merry and taking board games too seriously. All these activities, as well as the kids running wild and the pets getting involved in the festive madness makes Christmas the perfect opportunity for some quirky family pictures. Here are a few ideas to get hilarious Xmas snaps this holiday period.

  • Get the pets involved: A dog in a santa hat, a cat in a present box, a lizard in a Christmas tree… there are plenty of festive photo opps for your favorite animals. The new toys and strange people filling up the house are bound to make your pets act in strange ways, make sure you capture the best moments. Get to the animal’s eye level to take the best pictures.
  • Be Inspired: There is a rich history of questionable fashion and cheesy family festivities at Christmas. You just need to see some of the music videos from the 80s or have a peak at Awkward Family Photos to get inspired. Wear your loudest Christmas jumpers and pose like it’s 1976!
  • Baby: As with your pets, the family baby is bound to react to the family invading your home for the day. Capture their reactions, get the little nipper decked out in your favorite Christmas trimmings and create some fantastic memories of one of their first Christmases.
  • Sleeping Grandparents: After a very large dinner and perhaps a sherry or two, it’s an inevitability that at some point on Christmas Day afternoon the older members of the family will fall asleep. Snap them with their jaw open in lopsided party hat catching some Z’s in front of the Coronation Street special. The baby could probably make an appearance in these shots as well!
  • Christmas Jumpers: It’s been mentioned but worth re-enforcing, nothing says ‘happy holidays’ like garish Christmas jumpers. Get matching ones for the whole family to get the ultimate cheesy picture.
  • Board Game Emotions: Christmas Days tend to be laidback, relaxed affairs apart from during one stage of the day: when the games start. Whether it’s Monopoly, Charades or Hungry Hungry Hippos, tensions often run high during the family games on Christmas day. Allocate a photographer to get some great family action shots.
  • Hire a Professional: Professional photographers such as Venture Photography do great snaps to and specialize in bringing out the characters in your family. Take a new born baby along and mark this Christmas with some professional shots. Just make sure your wear those jumpers