Funny Shirts for the Whole Family

Funny Shirts for the Whole Family

When I am in the market for a gift, I love to buy funny shirts for the whole family.  Everyone in my family is a bit kooky, so the funnier the better and they will wear them proudly.  I especially like to find a shirt that you need a minute before the humor hits you.  With TheHenMan being autistic, he doesn’t always get a punch line, so he is a hard sell on the funny things in life.  If I can find a shirt he laughs at, I have struck pay dirt. As much as I love funny, I also want the shirts to be comfortable and made well.

There is an online company that sells the most hilarious shirts, hoodies and hats.  I am talking so funny you snort when you laugh or even better, you spray your drink all over the guy next to you!  Luckily a group of friends with a wicked sense of humor opened Snorg Tees in 2004.  I wondered how a company can create such clever and hysterical sayings and when I read their company profile I knew.  When deciding on how to get out of working a “real” job, this group decided they could become international jewel thieves or Internet t-shirt tycoons. They decided on the tees as it was summer time and they couldn’t find the much needed ski masks for the jewel theif option!Silly Knit Hats

Silly Knit Hats

As much as I love me a funny shirt, I love me some silly knit hats more.  Who wants to wear a boring toboggan when you can have one of the crazy fun knit hats from Snorg?  TheHenMan recently got a sock monkey hat and he loves it.  The folks at Snorg were generous enough to send me two hysterical shirts and two equally funny knit hats.  I thought since Easter was approaching, I would get the funny chocolate bunny shirt (valued at $19.95) for TheHenMan.  Who better to sport the Spartan Helmet knit hat (Valued at $34.95) than a guy who would willingly go out in public in this goofy hat? My beautiful ChooChoo wore TheHenMan’s knit hat and her cutie pie BF wore the Spartan Helmet hat…for like 2 hours!!  Had you seen us, you would have thought we were heading for the loony bin.  If you know my family,  we ARE the loony bin.

Thank you to Snorg for offering one lucky winner a t-shirt of their choice (valued at $19.95)

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