Furnishing a dining room can be difficult. You want to get it right the first time around both to keep costs down and so that you can enjoy the room. Though choosing home décor is a very personal process, there are certain guidelines that can be followed to help make picking out a dining table easier.

Consider Use

Do you have a dedicated dining room or a more open floor-plan? Do you have just one dining area in your home or are there several? Think about things like where the kids do their homework, where you balance your checkbook and pay your bills, and what your entertaining needs are. The type of use your table will experience can determine everything from material and finish to size. Even shape will be dictated, to some extent, by how you plan to use your table.

The Dining Room

One thing that will help you narrow down table choices is the location in which the table will reside. Is your dining room large or small? Is the space open or relatively closed off? Measure the spot where your table is going to be placed and plan to leave at least three feet between the chairs, when pushed in, and other items so that people can move about even when others are seated at the table. Location and usage requirements are the two largest factors in determining the size of the table.


Are you a formal person or do you prefer a more casual home? Do you like an eclectic look or does everything need to match before you are satisfied? Do you prefer chairs with or without arms? Figuring out your basic tastes is a great way to narrow down not just table options, but even locations where you can shop. After all, some venues cater more to traditional clients and some to more adventurous clients. You don’t even have to go with chairs if you don’t want to. Benches, for example, are becoming popular seating options.

Mix and Match

In some cases you will find a great table with legs that just don’t fit your tastes. Changing table legs is relatively easy, so if you find the perfect table but aren’t crazy about the legs, consider buying the table and purchasing alternative legs that go with it. Most tables come in a standard height, which means you’ll have loads of different leg options to choose from.

The Most Important Tip

Make sure the table and the chairs you choose for it are comfortable. People will be happier and stay for longer if they are comfortable, so make sure that their dining experience is pleasant from the moment they sit down. If you can’t sit through a meal, what’s the point of having a table in the first place? Choose a comfortable table that fits both your space and your personality to ensure many opportunities to building lasting memories.

Tawanna Madden is a busy interior designer. She likes to write about her design experiences on the web. Look for her articles mainly on design and decorating sites.