Geek Squad

During Christmas, I was in need of a new laptop and I found a great deal on a basic laptop that I couldn’t pass up.  I took it home, set it up and everything was going just fine for a handful of days.  About a week after I purchased it, the laptop started acting really crazy!  I would type in a word document and gibberish would show up.  I was also experiencing problems with the computer performing really slowly that made it very difficult to get any work done.  I tried to find a solution online, but all I found was a lot of conflicting and confusing advice.  I also found several websites that offered to fix my computer by downloading their software.  I clicked on one link that sounded valid and downloaded the software.  Instead of correcting my problem, I think I downloaded a virus because my computer got even slower.  I had no idea what to do and I was afraid I crashed my computer beyond repair.

Geek Squad got its start in 1994 from Robert Stephens who had a few hundred dollars, a bike and a dream of fixing the world’s computer problems.  In 2002, Geek Squad joined Best Buy in a joint operation and within two years, they were recognized as the first dedicated computer tech support group in the country. In addition to finding Geek Squad in your local Best Buy, you can also find them in stand-alone Geek Squad sites all over the nation as well as online. These highly trained techs are known for their computer repair, but they are also trained in the installation of home entertainment and automobile systems, as well as appliance repair.  You can easily find your local Geek Squad 24 hours a day, all year round by calling their toll free number or logging into their website.  When I visited Geek Squad online and found such a comprehensive variety of services, I decided to try their online service for my computer.

When I visited Geek Squad online, I found their website very easy to navigate.  On the home page, you are given several avenues from which to choose the support you need.  At the top, you have a drop down menu that lists several areas to choose from including gaming, computers, tablets and cameras.  You can choose from online help, self-help, live chat, telephone assistance or a home visit and the plans are priced accordingly and start as low as $9.99 per month.  I chose to go the online route as that is most convenient for me.

I think I was a bit afraid to try the self-help area so I decided on a live chat.  I was greeted almost immediately by a very friendly Geek Squad agent and I told them what I had done to my computer.  I was told to first use the free scan offered by Geek Squad and at its completion, there were 2 viruses on my computer.  Once the viruses were identified, my agent was able to provide me with the proper tools to remove the problems.  Once the viruses were gone, we moved on to the typing issue I had.  It turned out I had somehow changed one of the settings for my keyboard and my agent was able to walk me through correcting that.  I was very impressed with the fact that my agent knew exactly what to do, did not make me wait forever while they found the proper tools to correct my problem and had me up and running in less than 30 minutes!  I would recommend the Geek Squad online service for all of your needs.

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.