Keurig Vue

I admit that I am a coffee addict and have been for many, many years. I have passed that addiction down to my oldest child and I am sure my younger child will develop it as well. I just cannot get my day started until I have had at least one, preferably two cups of coffee. One of my favorite jobs I ever had was when I worked in a coffee and desert place that was in a 1920’s style venue. One of the perks of that job was getting to have all the coffee I wanted. The downside of that perk was that I got a bit too perky and would stay up most of the night from all the caffeine! I had to cut back on the full strength and switch over to decaf so I could get some sleep! The one thing I dislike about traditional coffee makers is that if you let your coffee sit for too long, it gets gross. I am one of those people who can get engrossed in something and forget the world for a bit. During this time my coffee would be sitting there begging me to drink it before it got burned. What I needed was a machine that would give me a fresh cup of coffee every time. When I heard about the one cup technology from Keurig, I knew that was something I wanted to have!
Start Your Day Right

Get A Fresh Cup Of Coffee Every Time

The people over at Keurig know a thing or two about coffee and they are light years ahead of the competition. They are the nation’s leader for single cup brewing based on their excellent machines, beverages and customer service. They firmly believe coffee lovers should get a fresh cup of coffee every time. I wholeheartedly agree! It makes me think back to those days at the cafe when the coffee was hot and fresh every single time. It was something we prided ourselves on because we knew customers wanted and deserved a great cup of coffee that was made fresh each time. That is the philosophy over at Keurig and it shows in their packaging, the superb coffee and tea brands they carry and the way they give back to socially and environmentally initiatives. I love that the coffee that Keurig purchases is Fair Trade Certified and in 2011 they were named the largest purchaser of the same.

I was sent the Keurig Vue V500 Brewing System as well as several packages of coffee and tea. I could not wait to open up the box and get my Keurig Vue up and running! After we unpacked everything, the kids went to town opening all of the boxes of tea and coffee I was sent. I got a great variety that will give me so many flavors to try including Sleepy Time Tea, Hot Chocolate, Donut Shoppe coffee and Newman’s Decaf coffee. The machine is very easy to set up and use. You just fill up the tank on the left with water and turn the machine on. It will blink “not ready” while the water heats up. Once the water is ready, the “brew” button will light up and you can place your Vue pack in the top and close it in. Then you just wait for the cup of coffee to brew and you can enjoy the coffee house aroma that fills your kitchen. The coffee came out hot and delicious and Caitlin tried the hot chocolate next and she said it was the best she had ever drank. I had to get myself a carousel as a Mother’s Day gift to myself. I absolutely love my new Keurig Vue and cannot wait to try all of the delicious flavors. You can purchase your Keurig products online from their e-store, including the Vue V500 Single Cup Custom Brewing System for $169.00. There are more than 60 different Vue packs you can choose from and they run from $11.99 to $15.99. You can also purchase the systems and the Vue packs at fine retailers as well as Amazon.