Hevia Skin science

Everyone wishes they could keep the skin from their youth forever. One way to do this is to start taking care of your skin sooner rather than later. Because I am a mom of two young boys, I often find myself getting messy with all of the crafts and activities that we do. To avoid getting dry cracked hands from all of the hand washing I do, I make sure that I moisturize often. Your skin is the largest organ on your body and you should pay attention to it now! No one wants to end up with hands that make them look older than they really are. It is never too late to repair damage or to soften dry skin from the cold wintertime months or frequent hand washing.  The Hevia Skin Science skincare line from Oscar Hevia, MD includes a powerful product that will nourish, repair and brighten your skin: The Renewing Hand and Body Cream.  The ingredients in the product include an extract from the Red Mangrove plant for its  anti-oxidant properties, Shea Butter for repair and nourishment and Trans-Resveratol for anti-aging.  You can purchase the products from Hevia Skin Science online,  including the Renewing Hand and Body Cream, which sells for $70.00.

Hevia Skin Science

Dr. Oscar Hevia has been a well respected board-certified cosmetic dermatologist in the Miami area for many years.  During his career, one thread that continuously wove its way through his talks with his patients was their desire to look younger, refreshed and rejuvenated without surgery. This need motivated Dr. Hevia to open The Hevia Research Institute where he spent an extraordinary amount of time researching the subject of anti-aging.  Dr. Hevia studied many ingredients for their effectiveness on preventing the aging process.  Through his research and trials, he developed his skincare line which he called Hevia MD Skin Science.  One of the key ingredients in his skincare line that Dr. Hevia discovered was his patent pending Red Mangrove extract and OH-XI Complex™.  The hearty Red Mangrove plant can be found in Miami as well as in the Caribbean.  This incredibly resilient plant is able to survive in strong and direct sunlight with its roots exposed with little to no nourishment or water.  When Dr. Hevia learned of the conditions the Red Mangrove plant flourished in, he wondered how its ingredients would affect our skin. Through his research, Dr. Hevia discovered the Red Mangrove plant had extraordinary properties that would protect our skin against environmental aging factors.  The goal for Dr. Hevia was to not only protect the skin but to prevent the signs of aging as well as to heal and repair dry and damaged skin.  Dr.Hevia was delighted to find the plant could promote cellular growth and had antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties.  Because Dr. Hevia is an environmental supporter, The Red Mangrove plants Dr. Hevia uses are ecologically grown and harvested in a sustainable manner as not to harm them in any way.  As a way to give back to the area, Dr. Hevia donates a portion of his profits to the South Florida National Parks Trust to help find the restoration and replanting of the trees in the area.