Fun Books For Kids

Do you read to your kids? Studies show that kids who have been read to by an adult (or older sibling) benefit highly. Not only are you building stronger relationship but you are preparing them for both their academic and personal lives. When you read to your kids, you are helping them build their vocabulary as well as teaching them how to communicate with others. These kids also do better on tests, are more prepared for all areas of academic life and tend to have higher IQ’s. The question is, “What Do I Read To My Kids?” Honestly, any book you read to your child is probably just fine. If you are unsure, you can contact your local library where they can suggest many books that are appropriate for your child’s age and reading level. One book that is gaining popularity with the younger crowd is “Where Do The Animals Go When It Rains?” by Janet Crown.

Fun Books For Kids

Janet Crown has recently authored her first children’s book with the help of her kids. Janet had been creating and telling creative stories for her kids at bedtime for years. As she would tuck her kids into bed, they would choose an animal and Janet would create a story about that animal. Along with her equally creative kids, Janet would create stories about where the animals lived and what things may be like in their world. They would make up rhymes about where the animals lived and where they would go if it were to rain. From those years of stories came the book Janet has written, with illustrations by the very talented Daron Rosenberg. Janet was quoted as saying, “The book was created with my kids as a bedtime story based on their curiosities about animals what happens to them during certain weather conditions,” says Crown.  “I wanted the illustrations to be comforting, fun and engaging while inviting questions and thought.” Those stories and rhymes Janet and her kids created were destined to be turned into one of the most fun books for kids I have read in a while.

Henry and I really enjoyed reading this book and Henry found it hilarious that one of Janet’s children is also named Henry! He especially liked the page that talks about the birds and how they soar through the sky and find their nests because we recently found a bird’s nest in our yard. I appreciated how cleverly colored the wording was in the book, like gray when talking about the clouds sky or the words grass and flowers in green. The book has a great flow, the pictures are adorable and Henry has read it over and over again. This is a book that is sure to become a favorite in many homes as it already has in mine. You can purchase your copy of “Where Do The Animals Go When It Rains?” by Janet Crown for $14.99 on Amazon.

Two USA only winners will received an autographed copy of “Where Do The Animals Go When It Rains?” by Janet Crown ($14.99).


  1. My kids will enjoy using the coloring pages on the book’s website. Thanks for sharing.

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