Captain Underpants

Poor Mr. Krupp turns into Captain Underpants whenever anyone snaps their fingers. That is such a silly idea, that kids love it! My oldest son, who is now 20, never had an interest in reading. I tried reading to him and finding books or magazines that he would enjoy. He just never got into it, so school was not as enjoyable for him as it was for me. I read all the time, and it has become an integral part of my wind-down time. I hoped that my younger two sons would not share his same disinterest. I noticed that Jakobi was starting to lose interest in normal kids books, so I was delighted to see him take an interest in the Zombie glasses that came with the Captain Underpants book. I told him he could only wear them when we were reading the book.

Get Kids Into Reading

Visit the Captain Underpants Official Site, to see what I am talking about! The zombie glasses let Jakobi “read” the comic pictures in a quasi-color. Still don’t get it? Click here for the Grownups Guide. You can learn more about the author, and see just why his books (kinda graphic novels) are such a big hit with school age kids. He is silly, and somewhat elementary in his thinking! This is because he developed the story when he was in elementary school! You can see the “flip sessions” in the video below. This was one of Jakobi’s favorite parts. It was interactive and made the book come to life right in his hands.

Calling all fans of the Captain! Get ready for all the action, thrills and “laffs” you’ve come to know and love in the Captain Underpants books with The Adventures of Captain Underpants App!  Experience the book like never before, for the first time in FULL COLOR!

Join George, Harold, and the Captain to defeat Dr. Diaper and save the world!  The Washington Post online raves: “If you have grade school kids in the house, you may never see your tablet again.” ­You can get the App on iTunes and see for yourself.

About the Book

A world without UNDERPANTS?!!! When we last saw our heroes, George and Harold, they had been turned into evil zombie nerds doomed to roam a devastated, postapocalyptic planet for all eternity. But why, you might ask, didn’t the amazing Captain Underpants save the boys from this frightening fate? Because Tippy Tinkletrousers and his time-traveling hijinks prevented George and Harold from creating Captain Underpants in the first place! Now, having changed the course of human history forever, they’ll have to figure out a way to CHANGE IT BACK. Could this be the end for Captain Underpants?!!

About the Author

Dav Pilkey created his first stories as comic books while he was in elementary school. Since then, in addition to the Captain Underpants series, his Scholastic books include numerous popular, award-winning books for children, such as Dog Breath, winner of the California Young Reader Medal; The Paperboy, a Caldecott Honor Book; The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby, which debuted at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list; and the Dumb Bunnies series. He is also the author of the New York Times bestselling The Adventures of Ook & Gluk: Kung-Fu Cavemen from the Future.


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