It’s finally here! Today, I’m very excited to introduce you to an entirely new way to shop online and get PAID to do it! is a new online shopping concept that finds you the lowest prices at thousands of online stores, finds any applicable coupons, and pays you CASH BACK on your purchases. Before you say “that’s been done before,” that’s just for starters…here is where it gets really EXCITING!

What could be better than getting paid when YOU shop online? Getting paid when YOUR FRIENDS shop! That’s right, you will earn a whopping 40% referral cash back commission on everyone that you refer…forever! So by telling your friends, you will not only be helping them save money, you will also be earning money for yourself.
But it gets even better. To sweeten the deal, BeeSavy even pays you 10% referral cash back on everyone they refer through seven levels! To see the power of this tiered cash back structure, let’s look at a simple example where you refer five of your friends:

My first reaction was: “This is too good to be true…what’s the catch?” So before I went any further, I contacted the company. I explained my reservations and actually spoke with one of the founders. To my surprise, there really isn’t any catch! BeeSavy is completely free, there are no minimum spending requirements, no minimum referrals, or anything like that. The only thing they ask, is that to be eligible for your referral cash back, you make a purchase through the site at least every quarter. And that purchase can be as little as a 99₵ iTunes song! I’d say that’s pretty reasonable. In fact, I think it’s a great idea to help get people in the habit of using BeeSavy!

To get started, sign-up at and then click shop by store to browse the 2,000 online stores they already have signed up. Then start telling your friends! They give you all of the tools you need to spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.

Go to My Account – Account Settings and enable the Facebook functionality. Now, whenever you post about BeeSavy on Facebook, your referral link will automatically be included!

It really is that simple. Still don’t believe it? Then don’t take my word for it. Watch a recent TV news interview that aired on YNN about BeeSavy:

BeeSavy TV Story

Stay tuned, you’ll be hearing a lot more about BeeSavy right here including specials and promotional giveaways. And be sure to tell your friends before they tell you!