#spon: I am in a partnership with Intel. Through this partnership I gain access to content, product, or other forms of value. Remember when I was telling you when my AIO PC arrived? Now I have had the pleasure of playing with the Snowflake software.
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Do you recall your first thoughts of computers when you first hear about them? Did you have visions of those massive units blinking and working away in a government basement somewhere? How about when you first found computers were available for home use? We had one in our family and it was gigantic! The rule of the house was the kids were not allowed anywhere near the computer, so we would just look over my parent’s shoulder as they worked. Well, things have certainly changed in the computer world. With the Intel AIO All-in-One PC, you get a computer and a tablet the whole family can enjoy. Just take a look at my son above. You do not even have to be truly facing the computer to use it much less looking over a shoulder!
To add to the fun factor, you can download the Snowflake Entertainment Edition software. This hands on interactive entertainment suite is just what the kids need to play and learn. Mason is especially fond of this software. He loves to play with the AIO Envy ROVE flat so he can hover over and choose which games he wants to play. He can choose from the entire selection below and there is also an ABC suite as well.
AIO Intel Snowflake Edition software
His favorite game to play is the strategy block one where he flicks the blocks up to have them fall back down. You can also adjust the angle of the gravity to configure different falling patterns. It is a little over his head, but he is learning while playing!


Another fun game that will get the kids attention is Froggy. This is a fast paced game the kids can play with each other to see who can catch the most flies. You can easily move your frog from lily pad to lily pad in search of the tasty treats!

Let The Kids Have Fun With The Snowflake Entertainment Edition

With the Snowflake Suite, you can customize the multi touch program to suit your needs. It offers a huge array of applications with their multi-user friendly software. Each edition in the Snowflake line is customizable, allowing you to change the look and feel of Snowflake Suite. You can create custom backdrops, videos, images, PDF’s, even 3D models with the 3D viewer! With the draw on video, you can make an visual impact with your video presentations. The software is easy to download and navigate, so even the younger family members are able to use it. For the little ones, you can help them create artwork worthy of printing and framing, rather than hanging it on the fridge!


The menu wheel shows off each area in an easy to see and follow format. With the media viewer, you can see or present pictures, videos or brochures and with the flow mode, you can connect theme related content. There are a ton of games for the young and adult to enjoy. You can play Wong, which is a multi player version of the popular classic game or Tap, a fun and fast paced game that tests your skills to the limit!


The younger crowd will love Bugs, which is a fun game that tests their wits to find and collect bugs from the same species. For the brainiacs who love a challenging puzzle game, Snowdoku is for you! This is a touch puzzle you will enjoy and pat yourself on the back when it complete it.


For mom and Dad, if you want to take a break and play a card game or maybe have an air hockey match, you can do that too. You will be completely amazed at how much like an actual air hockey table the Snowflake game is. Your puck seems to hover over the screen as you bank your shots against your opponent. When you are playing this particular game, just remember, it is all in the wrist!


Do you have a budding drummer in the family? Maybe another Ringo Starr? Let them try their hands at the Drums on the Snowflake Entertainment drum set. This set sure beats lugging around the real thing but you would swear you were playing an actual set of drums. And the best part? You can turn down the volume when the kids get too carried away!


If you or someone in the group plays the piano, the Snowflake Entertainment Edition has a virtual piano for you to play. This is such a fantastic and realistic version of a piano. It is completely different from any keyboard or piano app you may have tried in the past. If you have a child who has spoken an interest in learning to play the piano, this is a great way to test the waters.

Snowflake Entertainment Edition Software

With the Snowflake software, you can use the program by touch or with the mouse shortcut, whichever is easiest for you. The software is compatible with every language in the world, has free upgrades and customer support and as well as free TUIO support. You can play in landscape or portrait mode and you can even save, print and email the kids artistic creations. If you are looking for a multi functional software that moves effortlessly throughout the program, the Snowflake Entertainment Edition is for you! Learn more about the AIO PC’s Multimedia Capabilities.