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Get Shiny Hair That Is Healthy

As women get older, their hair goes through changes, much like our bodies do. When we age, our hair tends to get thinner, drier, frizzy and sometimes darker. We may not be able to stop time from marching on and wreaking havoc on our hair but we can regain some semblance of control over it. If we make some easy changes in our diet and in the products we use on our hair, we can still have gorgeous hair. With the hair line from White Sands Products, we can get shiny hair that is healthy and youthful.

Get Shiny Hair That Is Healthy

White Sands is a family owned business that has been creating hair products for almost 10 years. The Salas family began making their products in a garage with less than $2,000 seed money. While at the Premiere Beauty Show in Orlando Florida, Fernando styled hair on stage while his wife Patricia sold their products. In just a few short hours Patricia had sold 200 kits of a product that was yet to be named! Today, the company has grown to have 28 distributors both nationally as well as internationally. With the hair care products from White Sands, you can get shiny hair that is healthy and beautiful.

One of the most popular products from the White Sands hair care line are the Orchid Bliss shampoo and conditioner as well as the Orchids Hair Oil. The oil extract from the orchid can camouflage split ends, close the cuticle layer, fill in imperfections, and keep hair from frizzing, leaving behind an incredible shine. Celebrities from shows like Glee, True Blood and Two Broke Girls love the shampoo and conditioner for the fresh citrus scent and the rich ingredients like sunflower seed extract, grape seed oil, carrot seed, olive extract, and apricot kernel that gives them incredible looking and feeling hair.

You can now purchase the trio in the convenient Orchids Treatment Box Set, which sells for just $49.99 on the company website, which saves you $16.00 from purchasing each separately.

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