Get Stand Out Nail That Are Super Easy To Do

As Caitlin has gotten older and is now almost 15, we seem to be drifting apart. I know this is something to expect with a teenage girl in the house, but it still makes mommy sad. The saving grace is that she still likes to hang out with me on occasion, so that makes me happy! I have been trying to find some girly things we can do together and one of our favorite things to do is work on our nails. We usually wait for the weekend, put on a movie and spread out our nail supplies and get to work. This is something that has started to take on the makings of a tradition for just us girls, which I am absolutely loving. One of the top nail trends for fall are nail wraps and some of our favorites are from Jamberry Nails.

Stand Out Nails

Stand Out Nails

If there is one thing Caitlin and I are very into this year, it is cool looking nails. We have experimented with different hues of colors, patterns, textures and glitter with different nail polishes. The only thing I hate, well two things I hate, about nail polish is the time and effort you put into it. A few weeks ago we did this cool purple/blue/violet color with blue and silver glitter and it took us about an hour and a half to do our finger and toe nails. It did look good and we got a lot of compliments but yeesh that was a lot of time. Then we went to take it off and it would not come off! The glitter was stuck on like super glue and it literally took me almost 2 hours to get it off of the both of us. I will never do that again. That is why I love how easy it is to get stand out nails with the great nail wraps from Jamberry Nails. They are so easy to put on and take off that you can have a complete set of great looking nails in about 30 minutes tops.

I received 4 sets of nail wraps from Jamberry Nails from my Jamberry Nails representative, Marcy Turner and they are AWESOME! I chose the autism puzzle pieces in honor of my sweet Henry and the moustaches for my oldest daughter Chelsea. For Caitlin, I chose the pretty purple and white flowers and for myself, I chose the multi-colored dots. I just love the whimsy, bright colors and high quality materials with the Jamberry Nails. All you do is choose the wrap that is closest to your nail size, apply the wrap and turn the blow dryer on them for about 20 seconds. The warm air will soften the wraps and helps them go on smoothly, especially over the tips of the nail. Next apply the warm air again to seal the wraps to the nails and you are ready to go. The wraps will stay on for several days and when you are ready to take them off, they will peel off pretty easily. I absolutely love my Jamberry Nail wraps and I am saving a few for stocking stuffers for this Christmas. You can order from a ton of designs and they sell for $15 per sheet and can be purchased online or from a Jamberry Nails representative. Be sure to follow Marcy on Facebook as well as Twitter to stay up to date with the latest news and deals.

One USA reader will win one application kit ($12.50) and (2) sheets ($15.00 each) in the winner’s choice of pattern/color.


  1. Too much fun to pick just one! I think the coolest is that you can upload pic for them to make nails for you. Awesome!

  2. I LOVE Jamberry! I can’t pick a favorite!
    I love the fun designs over the solids.FADED DECO, GALACTIC, HAPPY-GO-LUCKY are a few faves

  3. I really like the City Lights design. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  4. The Jamberry said these were straight from the runway, sweet. I would choose those, Matte “Ripped From the Runway”.

    • Hi Terri! Just as an FYI, that style is a “Sister’s Style of the Month” and today (10/31) is the last day they will be available to order! Tomorrow a new style will be introduced!!

  5. From the Garden Party Collection, I like the Silver Floral nails. They’re clear with the design and I like more subtle patterns.

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