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Get Treats Not Tricks With Target #TargetHalloween

My house is all ‘abuzz with everything related to Halloween. The kids have been putting their heads together to decide on the costumes they want for weeks. They have gone back and forth between Spiderman and TMNT for Henry and a Punker Ghoul or a Witch for Caitlin. With older kids, you cannot just get a costume,  but you also must get makeup, nail polish, fake teeth and everything else that goes with their outfit. We have been experimenting in the kitchen with some new recipes to try out for our upcoming Halloween party. We have our decorations up and are adding to them several times a week to get that perfect look. For my family, we are on a budget and I know I can get all I need from my local Target store.

Get Treats Not Tricks

Whether you are looking for a ghoulish getup or some spooky decorations for inside and outside of the house, Target has you covered. With their high quality products and affordable prices, you will get treat not tricks with Target. Everyone who enters a Target store is considered their guest, so they have designed their stores so you have the best shopping experience you could have. You can walk into one of their amazing CityTarget stores that are perfect for the urban dweller or you can shop the extensive collection from Target online. Have a smartphone? Great because Target has an award winning app for you that lets you shop on the go. Target has a long history of community involvement and they give 5% of their income back to the areas where their stores are located. The Target environment is a healthy and happy one to visit, shop and work in because they care.

The kids, my husband and I headed out to our favorite Target to get the kids their Halloween costumes. I love going to Target any day of the week, but during the holidays, they go all out and I just love that! They had skeleton arms that pointed the way to the Halloween department, which the kids and I thought was a hoot. There was scary sounds and Halloween music on CD, decorations galore and a ton of costumes and accessories. We had a time that we laughed so hard while trying on the Chris March collection wigs I thought we would wet our pants! Caitlin got a cool cape, make up, nail polish and fake teeth for her costume. Henry decided on Spiderman and because Caitlin spent more money than he did, I let him get some Pokémon cards. We got 3 bags full of stuff and we stayed well within our budget, which is just one of the many reasons I love shopping at Target! Be sure to keep up with al the latest news and deals from Target by following them on Facebook and Twitter. Expect More. Pay Less.  Compensation was provided by Target via Glam Media and all opinions are mine.

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