It’s a new year and it’s time to get rid of all those old habits that are holding us back. That goes double for our kids. Getting and keeping them active doesn’t have to be the impossible challenge that some would have you think it is. Just think a little outside of your normal box and you’ll be surprised how much fun it can be for you and your kids. These are some of my favorite ways to get my kids active and get a little movement in myself.


Getting Your Kids Active I 2017

There’s nothing like the great outdoors to bring people closer together. This especially true for parents and their kids. Turn off the electronics, let them stay up late and learn to love the wilderness. Invent fun games to play together or just get out and hike the trails. Who knows? You may even learn something new about yourself while getting a little more active as well.

tes beach

Going to the beach is a time tested way to get your kids active for a whole day. Not only do they spend the whole day outside away from any electronic distractions, they and you get run hard all day. At the end of the day everyone is left feeling satisfied and worn out. That’s a good day.

For those of you with kids that say you don’t have time to exercise, let me enlighten you on how to kill two birds with one stone. When you really play with your kids, you are going to get your daily exercise. What better way to get them active than to get out together and learn a new sport or activity. Scooters are a great way to introduce them to riding and help them develop their balance. Balance takes time, so don’t forget the helmet and pads. Safety first

Scooters are a great tool for learning to coordinate their balance with movement. This is crucial to being a successfully active person. There are a great many choices when it comes to scooters for riders of every skill level. If your looking to introduce your little one to riding, there’s no need to straight to the top of the line scooter. For the beginner I would recommend the three wheel variety. After they master that they are ready for the next level. Two wheels. Walmart has a great selection of scooters for riders of every age. We got the Pulse Performance Products S100 Freestyle Scooter. It features a contoured deck with sure grip molding and graphics with padded grips with push button release and an integrated rear foot brake for complete control. Retailing for $29.99, it’s the perfect scooter for a new rider that’s ready for there next challenge. I even went one step further and and got myself a long board so that we can learn to ride together. which is what it’ all about.

How do you keep your kids active?

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