IMG_7942This post is sponsored by LeapFrog. With only a few exceptions, most video games keep you static while playing them. What this means is you are most likely sitting somewhere with really bad posture only moving your fingers and thumbs. There are even fewer gaming systems that provide content most would find suitable for their children. Finding a gaming system that actually gets the kids on their feet to play, giving them even more physical activity in their day than they might get otherwise, and teaches and develop their basic motor skills plus lessons in basic arithmetic, spelling and grammar would be like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, right?


Well get out your satchels out and get ready to fill them up with gold! LeapTv is here to grant your wish like a lucky leprechaun. The first thing I noticed when we fired we fire up the LeapTV was that it prompted us to clear out a sufficient area for play so that their would be no chance of bumping into to something and getting hurt or breaking something. Right away I knew that this game was alright by me. My daughter immediately gravitated to two particular games. Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Disney Princesses. When playing Jake and the Neverland Pirates she always goes for the coin grab where she can see herself on the tv grabbing the coins and the flying coin grab, cause who doesn’t love to pretend they can fly. Both of these keep her very active in her play while developing her basic motor skills and challenging her brain.

Disney Princess adventure is sure to snag the attention of any little girl. Using body motions reading skills  they can personally relive some their favorite princess stories over and over again. It’s really special when you see their excitement at completing an assignment and moving on to the next one. My daughter will come grab me from whatever I’m doing to see her accomplishment. For all the dads out their that want to get in on the action too, don’t fear they have the Amazing Spider-Man. Now you can teach your kids about the cartoons you watched growing up and both go on some great web slinging adventures together and catch the bad guys.

So needless to say LeapFrog has outdone themselves again in providing quality educational playtime for kids of all ages. This one in particular gets them moving and learning at the same time. A rare commodity in this new high tech world of learning. Hopefully more will follow this great example and get our kids off their seats and on their feet while learning. Which in my opinion will lead to a healthier and better educated future for our children.

How do you challenge your kids body and mind?