Although having a portrait of yourself sounds like a selfie that takes weeks to complete, many of the digital photography lovers are turning to get a self-portrait by adept painters. It has become trendy to take a leaf out of the books of British Royal Family and many other eminent leaders of the world to immortalize themselves in the canvases.

Portraiture, when it began in the 13th century, was in great demand all through the olden days. Back then, it was only accessible by the affluent personalities but at present the trend is changing owing to the fact that they offer many benefits that people want to take advantage of.

Perks of Custom Artwork

Getting your photo into painting is not just fancy, but it will also show the world who you really are for the generations to come. No matter what changes after the artist draws you over the canvas, the colors immortalize your existence and people will remember for who you were long after you are gone. Therefore, it’s no surprise that portrait painting is gaining more popularity at present than even before. Some of the obvious benefits of a gorgeous portrait painting are:

1.   Find Yourself

We absolutely love the digital era, where with just a tap on our smartphones, we can click amazing pictures of ourselves and others, even in portrait mode! It is quick and you get to look at how your portrait picture instantly. What’s even better is the fact that you can even send them with your near and dear ones in your circle.

But does this snap of yours unveil your personalities and tap into who you really are? The answer is big no. But when an artist dedicates him time, effort, and creativity to create a stunning portrait of you, the artist gets to know the personality that you possess and the nature to gauge the person with you. This results in the beautiful piece of art with your essence in it. You also come face to face with who you truly are and get absolutely amazed at the incredible work.

Make Yourself Timeless

There is a reason why many artists, people with deep pockets, celebrities and eminent politicians, get their self-portrait done using custom artwork. Because they know, by doing so, they will become ageless and live on for many centuries to come.  That’s the beauty of being a subject in the masterpieces- you are immortalized.

If you are a fan of art, you will know how shy the artists were before renaissance to actually make a portrait of themselves. Even then, they would somehow squish their portraits in the shadowy background of their masterpieces. However, post that stage in the art world, you will see how eminent art masters of that time like Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Albrecht Dürer and others have boldly made their portraits to show the world their raw and powerful nature even to these days.

Customize the Way You Like it

When you turn to a skilled artist for a customized portrait, they can do more than just paint you on the canvas. You can customize the way you like it. For instance, you had been on a recent trip that was simply marvellous and you want to turn your favourite photo into painting to immortalize the moment.

Also, if any of the family member is missing then you can request the custom portrait artist to add the individual in the background. And you are all set to make a beautiful history. You should also remember that the sky’s the only limit when you turn to a hand-made portrait. This gives you a complete liberty to add anything you want on the canvas as well as remove something if you believe it is out of place.

Pass it on to NextGen

There’s nothing like a good, large portrait of your family to turn it into an heirloom. When you get your oil painting done that includes all your family members, you will capture the love you have for one another.

And when you will pass it on to your next generation, you are not just passing on that solid oil painting, you are also spreading the love, respect, and affection you had for one another and values that you have treasured! This will only help your kith and kin to look up at you with respect and follow the family tradition of love and peace.

Why Consider a Hand-Made Self Portrait?

When you are long dead, your ideals, values, love and respect that you gave others, your character and nature will live for a long time in your children and grandchildren. But, why not even preserve yourself in the form of a handmade portrait to become immortal? Who knows, maybe one day your oil painting may shed some light in the darkness for someone and they will be glad that you are their ancestor!