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Gift Ideas For Men

This post brought to you by Remington Hair Removal. All opinions are 100% mine.


Are you trying to come up with gift ideas for that special man in your life?  I do not know about you, but every year I struggle on what to get for my husband.  I feel that coming up with great gift ideas for men are not always that easy.  It is not necessarily that they are difficult, it just seems there are not that many options.  My husband is always complaining about not being able to get a close enough shave, and that he is always nicking himself.  So, I am thinking of getting him a really nice quality razor for Christmas.  It is something I have never bought for him before, and something he really needs.

There are two different Remington 4 Series Electric Shavers models I am considering.  One is the Remington 4 Series Rotary Shaver with Pivot & Flex Technology.  This one features 360-degree Pivot & Flex technology.  It is a cordless rechargeable rotary shaver that has three individual flexing heads and a freely pivoting 360-degree neck for a cleaner, more comfortable shave, even on the neck!  It is completely washable also for quick and daily cleaning.

Other features include:

  • Floating heads; adjust to your face for a more comfortable shave
  • Easy grip surfaces; for added control
  • Titanium coated blades; for longer-lasting, durable performance
  • Charging indicator
  • Cleaning brush
  • Protective Head guard
  • 2 year limited warranty

The other Remington I am considering for him is the Remington 4 Series Foil Shaver with Interceptor Shaving Technology

With the Remington Series 4 Intercept Cutting Foil Shaver you can achieve a close, clean and reliable shave, at an unbeatable value. It also features advanced Pivot & Flex Technology, the shaver's two independently flexing foil screens and pivoting neck adjust to the curves of your chin, cheeks and neck to relieve pressure and irritation while maximizing closeness. Interceptor Shaving Technology cuts up to three days worth of growth with ease.

• Sharp, long-lasting surgical steel blades
• Pop-up trimmer to detail facial hair and trim sideburns

For my husband, I think the Remington Series 4 Intercept Cutting Foil Shaver would be the route to go since, although he does not have a moustache now, he really wants to grow it back again.  The pop-up trimmer would be a great option for keeping it cleaned up.

Is there anyone on your Christmas list who needs a new Remington shaver?


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