Gifts For Tattoo Enthusiasts

If you ask several people I know, there are two types of folks; those with tattoos and those without. I fit into the former category, bur just barely as I only have one. I have always meant to get more, but time and money were never there when the tattoo fancy called on me. My husband has been another deterring factor in my quest for another tattoo. He is not a big fan and thinks I am now too old to get one. I called bull hockey on that one and plan to get another one before I turn the big double nickle. I was looking at my daughter’s tattoos and was thinking how beautiful the line work and the colors were. Then I began to wonder if I could find any cool gifts that celebrate the fact that she has tattoos and loves the art form so much. I totally nailed it with these 5 ideas!

Christmas Gift Ideas For Tattoo Lovers

Christmas Gift Ideas For Tattoo Lovers

  1. Custom Skateboards: If you have a tatted up friend who also loves taking their board out on the pipe, I have a great idea. You can get them a custom skateboard with your ink, or an artist your admire embellished on it! How sick is that?
  2. Oil Painting: Let’s say you have a beautiful piece on your back. Everyone who sees you can enjoy it, but you, not so much. Well, why not have it done in oil and frame it? That way you can see it every time you walk past your new piece of art.
  3. Tattoo Clothing: Know someone who wants a tattoo, but is not sure they are ready? They can grab a pair of tattoo tights or shirt with tattoo sleeves and give the idea a drive around the block.
  4. Laptop or Tablet Skins: If you have a favorite tattoo artist, like Kat Von D perhaps? You can get theirs, or even your ink onto a skin for your mobile device or gaming system.
  5. Jewelry: You can take your artwork to a jewelry designer and they may be able to turn your ink into wearable art. Chelsea has shooting stars on her foot to represent her siblings and I have wanted to find jewelry to represent that design. I could not believe my eyes when I found gorgeous jewelry from Sora Designs that represented her tattoo perfectly.


When I have one of those “Ah ha” moments, It makes me think of algebra. Algebra was super hard for me to understand, but when I got it, it was like the angels were singing and a huge light bulb came on. That is how I felt when I stumbled upon the one of a kind jewelry from the Etsy shop, Sora Designs and their additional shop with their geometric designs over at Etsy, Sora Designs Black. The vintage repurposed jewelry at Sora is refreshingly new while still capturing that classic feel of vintage or retro jewelry. Using materials like brass, sterling silver, beveled glass and others gives the jewelry a lovely and charming feeling.

I received the Star Necklace, which sells for $30, which is a modern geometric necklace with an open star silhouette, made from simple everyday brass jewelry. The irregular Pyrite nugget is dotted along the chain, giving it the look and feel of a shooting comet! This is almost exactly the same design of Chelsea’s tattoo, so I knew I had to have it for her! The matching Star Dangle earrings, made of the same material, sells for just $20. All of the jewelry is totally affordable and you can choose from custom made designer rings, lockets, hat pins and more. Be sure to follow Sora Designs on Twitter and be sure to take advantage of their holiday discounts. One USA reader will win one designer compass necklace ARV $30.

Do you or someone you know have tattoos? If so, which of these gifts for tattoo enthusiasts would you like?