Gifts For The Music Enthusiast

Growing up, I was surrounded by music. My mom was a singer, so if she wasn’t singing a favorite tune while she worked around the house, she was playing one of her hundreds of vinyl records. It was a logical progression that my sister and I would grow up to have a love of music instilled in us. I sang in school and have music playing in my house or the car virtually every day. Both of my girls play instruments, sing and listen to music as often as I do. As a matter of fact, when the weather is nice, Caitlin will swing in the hammock for hours while she listens to her iPod. With so many music lovers on my gift list, it is tricky to find a gift they do not already have. Here are 5 gifts I felt the girls would really appreciate this year:

5 Gift Ideas For Music Lovers

  1. Concert Tickets: Any music lover would be happy to get tickets to a live concert. I just found out Fleetwood Mac is performing in my town in the spring and I got tickets for all of us to go. The girls will be super stoked when they find out!
  2. Boxed Sets: If you have a favorite group, you probably have all of their music; or so you think! With many boxed sets, you may find music you do not have, has been remastered or did not know existed.
  3. Coffee Table Book: Many artists have had their life story chronicled and put into print. For instance, this season, the story of Snoop Dog’s spiral to fame is available in print.
  4. Microphone: If you are a singer, whether it be professionally or for karaoke, you want a good microphone. A wireless microphone you can sync to your mobile device or smartphone is perfect!
  5. Headphones: I prefer to listen to my music with headphones than from a speaker. I feel the quality of the music is a million times better with a good pair of headphones. Also, when I am working, I can listen to my music and block out the noise around me, keeping my family from interrupting my concentration.


When it comes to buying headphones, I have certain criteria I adhere to. I want comfort, excellent sound quality and affordability. With the Zebra Wood Fillmores with Mic from LSTN, I get all that AND a whole lot more. Wearing these headphones is like having a cloud on your ears, and at just $100 per set, you can afford to add them to your tech collection. If you have ever had a poorly made pair of headphones on for an extended length of time, you know how sore your ears can get. Not with these beauties from LSTN! With their gorgeous reclaimed wood housing, a padded headband to keep things comfy while I wear them, an in line microphone and foldable, travel ready design, I am completely head over heels in love. I can use the Fillmores with my Android or IOS device and I get some of the best sound quality I could ask for.

Another reason to love the products from LSTN is their philosophy and work ethic. They not only want to offer you the highest quality audio products on the market, but they want to give back. By helping to fun hearing restoration and spread awareness about hearing loss and impairment, they are more than just another headphone company. This hits close to home because my mom was losing her hearing as she got older and this was so sad because she loves listening to music so much. To know LSTN is out there trying to help people hear, it just makes me love them that much more. So far LSTN has been able to help over 15,000 hear in the U.S., Peru, Kenya and Uganda – and we’re just getting started. We will continue to show how your purchases have helped to date through our videos and social media platforms for transparency. Here is a video to show you what I am talking about:

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Which of these gifts for the music enthusiast would you buy and for who?