Aerogarden Kids

This post is made possible by AeroGarden and MiracleGro, and I was provided supplies from them at no cost. Last year at Christmas time, I was gifted with one of the coolest gifts I have ever received from a PR agency: An AeroGarden! As soon as my kids and I pulled the contraption from the box, we were completely mesmerized and could not wait to begin our gardening project! Wait – you realize this was near Christmas right? It is cold in most places, if not snowing! Although I live in Florida, it still isn’t the best time to begin an all out planting project! Wrong! The AeroGarden is an indoor garden which practically runs itself! It is so easy to manage and upkeep, my 4- and 6-year-old would sometimes beat me to the tasks!


The AeroGarden ended up being one of our favorite projects through out the year, and you can read all my posts on the AeroGarden subject to see our adventures. Our garden really flourished, and I ended up purchasing 4 more! I wanted one for herbs, one for each of the kids, one for strawberries and then one for flowers!


I ended up having to move my tomatoes (that was grown in one of the kids AeroGardens outside because the plant grew too big for it’s britches. You can see the plant below with our most recent harvest ~ A YEAR LATER!

Aerogarden Grown
What is An AeroGarden?

AeroGardens are foolproof, dirt-free, indoor gardens- so easy to use that anyone can grow lush, beautiful gardens, all year round. With an AeroGarden, you can grow almost anything, anywhere, anytime with no dirt and no weeds. AeroGardens make gardening simple. They tell you when it’s time to add water and nutrients, and even turns grow lights on and off to simulate the Sun. AeroGardens ensure fast, healthy plant growth by ensuring perfect amounts of light, water and nutrients.

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The AeroGarden truly is so easy to use, the kids were great helpers and have had fun interacting with our little garden. It took just a few minutes to set up, comes with the Gourmet Herb seed kit, liquid plant food and a Quick Start Tending and Harvesting Guide. You can purchase the Aerogarden for $250 from the AeroGarden website Be sure to stay current with the latest from and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.
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