Give Handmade Bath Products On Mother's Day

Have you ever thought back to how many Mother’s Days you have either made or bought mom a gift? I was thinking how ironic it was that I handmade gifts when I was little and now that I am older, I give handmade gifts often! I can’t speak for my mom, but for myself, I love to receive handmade gifts on any special occasion. I don’t care if the gift was made by the person who gave it to me or if it were made by someone else. I just like the idea of getting a unique gift! I recently found a company who makes some really unusual handmade products like none I have seen before. Lush Cosmetics is a company that makes their products with heart, whimsy, planet responsibility and a whole lot of fun!


Give Handmade Bath Products On Mother’s Day

When I am looking for handmade gift to give, I have two criteria: they must actually be handmade and are unique. I don’t want to give mom a gift she can just pick up at the mall. Instead, I want to dins something she probably hasn’t heard of or seen before. With Lush Cosmetics, they were exactly what I was looking for. What attracted me towards Lush most was their sense of humor that shows through in each and every product they make. Where else would you ever find a hunk of soap that looks like playdoh, and better still, is meant to be played with?! Aptly named, FUN is meant to be used in the tub, on your clothes or even to wash the dog! It feels weird, smells great and changed bath time for my kids. Even better is the fact that 2.5% of the proceeds of FUN sales go to help children in need. In addition to FUN, I also received a Rocket Ship and Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb and a tub of Whoosh Shower Jelly. Let me tel you how much fun it is to take a shower with a handful of jelly! Too bad the kids and I used all of the Lush products I was going to give to my mom. I suppose I should order her more! You can purchase the Lush Cosmetic products online, including the Bath Bombs for $6.95 each, the Whoosh Jelly for $11.95 and the tubes of FUN for $6.95