Give Personalized Gifts For Mom

I have a short circuit in my brain and I have had it for as long as I can remember. I am completely and utterly a forgetful person and try as I might, I cannot fix it. I have left wallets on my car when getting gas, have lost my keys in countless places and have had my purse stolen more than once. I just cannot help being so scatterbrained and sadly, I have passed it on to one of my children (so far). The best thing I can do for myself is to put my name on everything like I am 6 year old kid going to school for the first time. My family has gotten used to it but they are still flabbergasted at how easily I can lose things. I just paid $85 because I locked the keys in the trunk of the car and no, I could not cal AAA because I forgot the renew my membership! A company after my own heart is Invitation Consultants because they offer a huge line of gifts and what nots, any or all of which can be personalized 1-2-3.

Give Personalized Gifts For Mom On Mother’s Day

Now, if you have a mom or grandmother that is also forgetful, they would appreciate a gift with their name on it. For moms who are not afflicted with my particular issue, you can give personalized gifts for mom and she will think you are the best. What mom does not appreciate a cute mug or notepad with her moniker on it? I was recently sent an array of awesomeness from Invitation Consultants and I LOVE everything! I received a travel coffee mug with my initial and name on it so if I leave it at school…AGAIN, it may find it’s way back to me. I love the note pads because I am always looking for a piece of paper to write myself a note to remind me to do something I forgot. I think my favorite, or at least the most useful item for me is the luggage tag.

I am going to a blogger conference in a few months and I will most likely leave something behind, like I did on my last trip. I really miss my back pack and it took me forever to load all that music on my iPod (frowning). With this durable plastic tag, I have all my contact information so if I do lose anything, it will be easy to find me! You can purchase the Travel Mug for $14.99, the notepads for $29.00 for both and the Luggage Tags for $15.00 for two from the Invitation Consultants website. You can also find invitations, announcements, corporate event items and so much more. You really will need to set aside a lot of time to go through all of the fantastic items from this company!

One USA reader will win a Travel Mug ($14.99) and 2 Note Pads ($29.00 for both) in the design of their choice


  1. I want the Mardi Gras VIP Passes for next years Do Whatc You Wanna Day Party.

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