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Give The Gift Of Kindness

Give The Gift Of Kindness

Give The Gift Of Kindness

This season my family wants to give the gift of kindness to those in our community who may need a good, service or just a friendly smile, hello or ear to lend.  For me, I want the boys to learn to be appreciative for the things we have and to reach out to those who are in need. With the boys being young, I thought now would be a great time to plant the giving seed now so it can grow over time and when the boys are old enough, they can contribute in their own ways.  In looking for a concept that would make the act of giving easier to understand, I wanted to find a fun program that we could do as a family.  There is a really cute idea that puts together the spirit of giving in a kid friendly environment and I was eager to try it out.

The “Acts of Kindness” advent calendar from Noomii, takes the idea of the traditional “receiving” advent calendar and change it up.  With the “Acts of Kindness” advent calendar, you and your family can easily pass out some kindness to others.  When you subscribe to the “Acts of Kindness” advent calendar on the Noomii website, you will receive a daily reminder of the “Acts of Kindness” your family chose.  Beginning on December 1st, Noomii will send you a quick email telling you what the Act Of Kindness for that day.  Now you and your family can plan how you are going to accomplish your kindness goal for each day.  This is a great project not only for your family, but for local organizations you may be part of like the Boy or Girl Scouts organizations.  This would make the perfect activity for your troop to spread love through their neighborhood and community.

Teach Kids About Giving

I love how the “Acts of Kindness” advent calendar is free, easy to sign up for and can teach kids about giving.  All you need to do in order to sign up is visit Noomi.com and enter your email address.  That is it!!  Check your inbox for your daily suggestion.  When you have these really adorable penguins offering suggestions, how could a kid resist working with a penguin!  The tasks on the calendar are simple yet effective. Many don’t cost you anything other than your time.  I was looking at last years “Acts of Kindness” advent calendar to get an idea of what we could expect this year.  There were some awesome suggestions that ran from making a phone call to a friend to telling your mail carrier you appreciate their hard work.  I love the suggestions like this that make you realize how often we take certain people and situations for granted.  Our mail carrier works in the best of weather and the yuckiest of weather and always does so with a smile.  What better way to say thank you than a tin of cookies or fudge?  When was the last time the kids said thank you to a clerk, cashier or other customer service person at the store?  I encourage my kids to always say thank you as I am sure most of these hard working folks don’t get a huge number of those on any given day!  When you are leaving a store and another shopper is coming in, whisper to your child to open the door for them. Most people will grin ear to ear at the sight of a well-mannered child holding a door!

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