Z bars

I have two healthy, active and very silly young boys at home who can go from zero to sixty in no time. I work really hard making sure my family eats healthy meals, and the boys like to help me when I am in the kitchen. They are looking forward to helping me with the coloring and decorating of the eggs this Easter.

They have almost as much fun helping me with that as they do racing around looking for the eggs my husband and I have hidden. What I do not plan to do this Easter is give the boys a bunch of sugary candy in their baskets. This year I decided to get the kids healthy treats for Easter from CLIF. You have probably seen if not eaten some of the delicious protein, energy or nutrition bars from CLIF. Now CLIF has a line of healthy and delicious snack alternatives for kids.
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Healthy Treats For Easter

The CLIF idea was started as an idea on a bike ride with two hungry guys. Jay, who would rather have been hungry than to eat the yuck protein bar he had, said he could do a lot better. From there, Jay spent a lot of time in the kitchen experimenting until he came up with a recipe that was everything he wanted: delicious, filling, free of artificial ingredients and made with as many organic ingredients as possible. Today, CLIF, which honors Jay’s dad Clifford, is adding products to their line regularly and people love them! I was sent a variety of the ZBar flavors from the CLIF Kid line and I plan to put these healthy treats for Easter in the boys baskets. The delicious flavors of the ZBar from CLIF Kid are chocolate brownie, peanut butter, iced oatmeal cookie, s’mores, honey graham and chocolate chip. The products from CLIF Kid have no high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or colors or trans fats. What the CLIF Kid products do have are fiber, protein and 95% organic ingredients like real organic fruits, organic grains and even yummy organic cocoa. My boys are going to LOVE all the awesome CLIF Kid products in their baskets this year, and I think I may put a few aside for myself! You can purchase CLIF Kid products online as well as at fine grocery stores nationwide.