If there are two things my family is quite interested in these days, it is going green and saving money. My kids and I have been working on being more green for about a year now. I am continuing to learn about what it means to go green and ways to do it. It has been a fun and interesting journey figuring out which paths worked and which not so much. I think the biggest surprise was how easy most of it has been. We have changed our habits almost effortlessly and although many of the things we have done were small, they have been effective. One company that has a reputation for helping people go green and save money is Oransi. Oransi is a company that was started in an effort to being clean air into homes at an affordable price.

Go Green And Save Money In Your Home

Go Green And Save Money In Your Home

We recently made the biggest purchase we have made in a while; a new washer and dryer. We have been talking about it and researching it for almost a year before we made our decision. I wanted something that would allow us to go green and save money in your home, save energy and had the highest customer reviews. With the new washer, we have found it necessary to be selective on the laundry soap we use. When I was offered the chance to review a few products from Oransi, including the Robby Ball. The Robby Ball was actually a product we had been talking about trying and this was a great opportunity to do that. There are two Robby Balls, one for lower and one for higher temperatures. You just toss it in the washer, top or front loading and it cleans and deodorizes your clothes for about 0.25 per load, is hypoallergenic and lasts for 12 months. I was very happy with the cleanliness and the fresh scent of the clothes after we used the Robby Ball. My husband even commented that he did not think it would work and had to eat his words when he saw the outcome. We even got a stain stick and refills included in the package.

The second product we received was the Oransi Fridge Air Purifier, which purifies and deodorizes the air in your fridge. The ionic air purifier keeps the air in your fridge fresh and clean. If you like fresh veggie like we do, you know that the smells can sometimes get a bit overpowering when they are all hanging out together. With this purifier you do not have that issue whatsoever. It is silent, has an LED display, runs on batteries and is sleek and small, fitting nicely in your fridge. By taking the bacteria out of the air in the fridge, you are able to keep your food fresher longer. When you can keep your food fresher longer, you are saving money by not tossing rotten food int he trash. What a great way to be green while you are saving green all at the same time! You can by the Oransi products from their online storefront including the Robby Ball which retails for $32.95 and the Fridge Air Purifier for $29.00.

One USA reader will win one Robby Ball ($32.95) and one Fridge Air Purifier ($29.00)



  1. my favorite is the air purifier. Then I don’t have to keep up with changing the baking soda box every month or so. thanks

  2. Oransi Fridge Air Purifier would be great. There’s too many times items get shuffled to the back of the fridge and then it starts to smell

  3. As I sneeze in the Spring morning air, my favorite product would be the Oranzi Finn HEPA UV Air Purifier.

  4. I love the Oransi Finn HEPA UV Air Purifier! Would be awesome in my son’s room. He has asthma.

  5. I’d like the Finn HEPA UV Air Purifier. Thanks!
    – AaronandKasi Erwin facebook/rafflecopter

  6. I personally own the Oransi Max HEPA Air Purifier and use it in my home, and let me tell you allergy sufferers: it works wonders! Definitely my favorite product

  7. I love the washball! I’ve been not using detergent to save money and get the chems off, and this would be great!

  8. I’ve been wanting to try the Fridge Air Purifier for awhile. Those wash balls are so cool! Thank you 🙂

  9. My favorite product would have to be the Oransi Finn HEPA UV Air Purifier. That is one nice looking air purifier for sure.


  11. I like that they have resolved the cold water wash difficulty by coming out with the fuschia robby ball

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  13. My favorite is the Oransi Finn HEPA UV Air Purifier! This would be great to have in our home as my husband has bad sinus issues!

  14. My allergies kick my butt, so the Oransi Max HEPA UV Air Purifier would be perfect.

  15. My favorite product is the Oransi Finn HEPA UV Air Purifier m- especially with my terrible allergies!

  16. My favorite product is the Oransi Finn HEPA UV Air Purifier! It looks like it would work wonders!! Thanks for putting together such a great giveaway!! :):)

  17. i like the robby wash balls-not sure if i would like them at first but i bet i would get use to them pretty quickly-i am a laundry addict 🙂

  18. I have severe allergies to dust, pollen and mold. If it were within my budget I’d splurge on the

    Max HEPA Air Purifier

    Max HEPA Air Purifier

    I have severe allergies to dust, mold, pollen and pet dander (I have 3 cats). If it were within my budget constraints, I’d splurge on the Max HEPA Air Purifier.

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