Go Green With Laundry Detergent

Go Green With Laundry Detergent

In keeping up with being Eco-responsible, we have decided to go green with laundry detergent.  I didn’t know how harmful regular laundry products could be both to the environment as well as our clothing.  What is scary is that the FDA does not compel these companies to disclose the ingredients in their detergents, bleaches, spray stain remover and fabric softeners.  You need to look for chemicals that may harm the water systems like phosphates and surfactant.  In additional, regular laundry products often have perfumes and other allergens that can give you something simple like a small rash to a major problem for your lungs.  As I said. Scary!

While I was looking for safe products to use for my washing, I found a really cool company.  Roux Maison has a really unique approach to the development of their products.  Not only are these products concentrated, which will save you money in the end, they rinse completely, leaving no residue behind.  If you do like a scent to your cleaning products, Roux Maison sells fragrances which are made with 100% essential oils, which are completely safe and good for the planet while smelling really amazing.  To round out their awesomeness, Roux Maison products are vegan and come in BPA free containers.

Detergent For All Fabrics

Roux Maison manufacturers quality detergent for all fabrics.  These products are safe, Eco-friendly and free of harsh chemicals.  You can usually find several companies who sell safe products for your laundry but very few offer products to fit the fabric of your laundry.  If you have delicate, they got your covered and if you have cotton, they have your back on that as well!  I was so thankful with the generosity of the Roux Maison Company. The detergent is 16 ozs. and with either clean 40 loads or double that for hand washings.   I was sent a sample of each of their products, including the detergent, essential oils and stain remover.  I gave the detergent a test on my hands to see if it really did rinse completely and was not irritating.  You know when you put lotion on your hands and they are so soft?  Well, my hands felt like that and this was from their laundry detergent.  If their products are that safe on your skin, can you imagine how it works on your laundry?  I did put the ambrosia in the detergent and it smells like fresh cut lavender!  My clothes came out with a light scent, which was so refreshing from the powerful smells commercial detergent has.  Caitlin’s favorite, a white shirt, had chocolate dribbled on it and I didn’t see it at the bottom of the hamper.  I took out the stain remover and rubbed a very small amount on the stain, rubbed it in and waited about 10 minutes.  Would you believe that stain was gone when we took it out!?  WOW!!  Roux Maison is my new go-to company for cleaning products in my family.

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