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It was only a few years ago when unless you had Celiac Disease, you probably did not know about gluten or going gluten free. This protein, which is found in wheat and other grains has come under the gun lately for its negative side effects on your health. If you have Celiac disease, eating gluten triggers an immune response in your small intestine and causes painful inflammation. There are also people who have a “non-celiac gluten sensitivity,” which may produce similar symptoms.There have also been talks among the autism circles that going gluten free could lessen the symptoms related to the disorder. My son has autism and I am fairly new to the whole gluten free debate and if it would help him. It has been said if Henry were to cut out the gluten in his diet, he may not be as aggressive or show other symptom of having autism. Technically, all of us have a sensitivity to gluten on some level, but it depends on the person as to how much of a tolerance you have. You can find gluten in pasta, cereals, crackers, cookies, and grains. It can also be found in soy sauce, candy, lunch meat, marinades, vitamins, and even lip balm. I have found by cutting some of these items from my diet, I have had less headaches than I was experiencing several times a day. I wanted to research the subject and find out if there were other benefits to going gluten free I was not aware of. Here is what I found:

3 Reasons To Consider Going Gluten Free pin

3 Reasons To Consider Going Gluten Free

  1. Skin: People who have cut gluten out of their diets have found their skin issues like acne has cleared up considerably.
  2. Stomach: If you have any sensitivity to gluten, stopping it in your diet will alleviate the irritation and inflammation you get in your gut. Because gluten is found in many processed foods, you are taking out all those chemicals from your diet as well. Some folks who have gone gluten free have also reported they have lost weight.
  3. Brain: There has been talk in the medical field about the effects of gluten on your brain. Some experts are saying gluten has been linked to memory loss, lower cognition and lessen the symptoms of autism.

brazi bites

To be honest, I am not one to jump into the deep end on a subject until I have done a lot of research. This especially holds true when it comes to my family. I do not want to totally change their diet without a good reason for doing so. When it comes to gluten free, I am taking it very slowly, adding a new food or two each week and see how it goes. I was recently sent a new gluten free bread product I decided to try out. They are from a company called Brazi Bites, a company started by Brazilian born Junea Rocha and her US born husband, Cameron. The idea for the company came from Junea missing the cheese bread snacks she enjoyed when she lived in Brazil. She and Cameron decided to take the family’s secret recipe and try their hand at baking the favorite snack. What they got was the perfect batch of the beloved snack after a lot of trial and error. That translates to eating a whole lot of those cheesy bread snacks before they got it just right! The company name is Brazi Bites, and they have already become a huge hit in the the Pacific Northwest. You can find the 3 Brazi Bites flavors online as well as in the freezer section of several grocery stores nationwide.

You can find the delicious Original, which is my favorite, my husband’s favorite, the Fire-Roasted Jalapeño and the kids favorite, the All-Natural Bacon. All of the Brazi Bites products contain 100% natural ingredients like tapioca starch, eggs, milk, and Parmesan cheese. They go from freezer to the table in just 20 minutes. They are perfect for entertaining, as a side to a family favorite meal or an after school snack for the kids. The kids like to add either ham, extra bacon or sliced turkey and make a mini sandwich. They are actually light and fluffy, which is not always the case with gluten free foods. I love to dip the Bacon into my favorite BBQ sauce for an afternoon snack (I just had some…yummy) Each bag sells for $6 but you can pay a pretty hefty shipping fee, depending on where you live. When purchased online, they are shipping in a freezer box with dry ice and can run you almost $20 for shipping. I love these little bite size pieces of heaven, and hope to see them in my local grocery store soon! You can follow Brazi Bites on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to stay current with all of their latest news, deals and products. One USA reader will win a variety pack of Brazi Bites ARV $36.

Do you follow a gluten free diet and if so, why?


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